UnREAL S2E6 Review

Welcome to a long delayed, long overdue review of UnREAL. We are past the halfway point of the season, and things just kicked up into high gear.

2x06 - "Casualty"
With the aftermath of Rachel's assault, Rachel tries to pick up the pieces. What I loved about this episode was that Quinn literally attacks Jeremy in the balls. What I didn't like was that both Quinn and Chet successfully convinced Rachel to not tell the police. Somehow, Coleman was the only one who sees that Jeremy must pay for it by going to prison.

In a subplot, Beth Ann takes Darius to Alabama for the hometown date. But she has a secret. She is pregnant. Tension ensues between her ex-boyfriend, the father of her unborn child, and Darius. Because of this, Darius sends her home, in a choice between Tiffany, who had oral sex with Romeo, and the racist pregnant lady. Is this the new suicide? One positive from this is Darius is donating money for Beth Ann's child's college fund.

Plot twist: Adam is back! He shows up at the end of the episode. Quinn is up to her dirty tricks.

I loved that this episode is coming back to form.

Grade: A

Stay tuned for tomorrow night's episode. It's bound to get juicy!

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