Wayward Pines S2E7 Review

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This week's episode title, "Time Will Tell", is very fitting in that time will tell if I decide to continue watching this show and even if I make it to the season finale. I have been quite disappointed so far, though the season is finally gaining momentum, It is nothing, however, compared to the truly excellent first season.

S2E7 "Time Will Tell"

The episode began showing CJ living in our nearer future before putting himself in suspension, and it didn't really bring us much, except showing us that he is unhappy living in that time. In the second act, however, it gets more interesting when he meets someone who has just started to turn into an abby.

In the act three, he imagines a conversation with someone who is like his wife or something, and it is boring. In the forth act, people are awakened, which means Toby Jones! There is an incredible scene where CJ and Pilcher talk about the abbies. In act five, Megan tries to convince CJ to join in on the festivities, and later he witnesses the destruction of the original Wayward Pines.

Theo and Megan try to get the female abby to understand them, and this moves very slowly. Adam demands that the abby be released, as this story finally gets interesting. Theo, Adam, Megan, Jason, and Kerry argue about what to do. It seems like very little is happening in this episode.

Jason decides to kill off the abbies they have, which outrages the female, but Kerry stops him from killing her. Jason and Megan both refuse to accept that the abbies are intelligent. We're finally getting deeper into ethical dilemma. The episode has a great ending when the female, who memorized the code when she saw Theo type it, kills Megan. Her death was bloody, and it was just what she deserved.

This episode had its good moments, but it also had its weaker ones, and not much happened. It was an alright episode.

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