Person of Interest S5E2 Review

Glitches need stitches. Yeah, that's the best I could come up with.


The machine is up and running, but it still isn't a 100% functional. After running some tests, Harold and Root determine that the PS3's aren't enough to handle the machine so along with Reese, Harold goes and steals some high quality GPU processors. After setting up the processors, they run an identification test to see if the machine can identify people correctly. It appears to be a success and soon numbers start coming in.
They receive 30 new numbers, but since Harold was working on the Machine and Root couldn't leave the subway without a cover identity, Reese and Fusco have to take care of them. But the machine ends up giving them numbers which aren't in any danger. Harold asks the machine to check on people more properly, which the machine does, but then ends up going through its archives and labels all of its as threats due to all their past crimes. The machine then traps Harold and Root in its new subway car home. Root breaks out of the car and frees Harold by disabling the doors.

Meanwhile, Reese and Fusco go through the 30 numbers and allow Harold to realise that the  machine no longer differentiates between past and present, hence the seemingly irrelevant cases except for the last 2. One of the last 2 people, a girl from Tulsa, walks into the police precinct and asks Reese for help. However he ignores her after hearing about the  Machine attacking Harold and Root. But the girl follows Reese and starts shooting at him, leading to a gunfight on the street.

Harold and Root try to figure out what's happening with the Machine, but it starts hurting Root through her cochlear implant. The Machine then tells them that they are threats to people as well as the Machine itself. Realising that she is being used as leverage, Root tells Harold to knock her out so that the Machine can't hurt her to protect itself. Harold agrees and uses an anesthetic to put her to sleep. Harold then tries to reason with the Machine, saying that despite his past crimes, he was a good person. The machine then shows him a video of Harold explaining good or bad. Harold realises that his original thought on life was wrong, and he tells the machine that everything is not black and white. He then asks it for the date. The Machine says that today is R, which gives Harold the idea to show the Machine all the people they had helped and use them as a timeline. The Machine finally understands Harold and once again registers him as an asset.  Harold then asks who sent the assassin after Reese. The Machine says that it did and it paid her in advance so so it couldn't call off the hit. Harold tells Reese to run but Reese eventually manages to subdue his opponent with a surprise attack.

Lastly, Fusco follows up on the last number and ends up saving the guy from mobsters who came to take their "payment" of his gambling debts. The next day, the gang go out for a picnic where Fusco reveals he has been labeled as a hero in the newspaper.

Storywise this episode made sense, but I feel like it slowed down the momentum from the premiere. Other than that, this was a pretty good episode. Once again we get some great conversations between Harold and the Machine and some fun between Reese and Fusco. But we were also told about the dangerous capabilities of the machine even without human assistance, which is something to be feared. I think my favourite part of this episode was the end where Reese showed up in a bowling shirt for the picnic, which was more ridiculous than Root's girl scout(?) uniform.

Quote of the week: "I'm literally watching paint dry"

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