Our House Season 3 Episode 13 - Nuestras Vacaciones (Part 1)

Our House Season 3, Episode 13
Nuestras Vacaciones (Part 1)

Betty: One day left, everybody! One single day until we go to México!

Teri: You can just call it “Mexico.” You’re very white.

Betty: Are you all not so excited to go?

Danielle: I wish I could be excited. Sadly, my mom had to go and make me waste all of my vacation days and I can’t go now.

Cindy: Look on the bright side. Zeke gets to go with us now!

Danielle: I don’t really see the bright side in that for me.

Cindy: Look at the bright side for us, then.

Velma: Yeah. We have someone to watch the house now!

Karl: You can watch my plants! Betty can tell Amelia not to worry about it! I trust you so much more!

Teri: Do you only have four vacation days?

Danielle: No, I don’t. I don’t like using them, though. I want to have them if I need them. You never knew when you’ll need them.

Teri: You’re skipping a vacation to Mexico so you can have vacation days if you ever happen need them?

Danielle: Yes. Is that a problem?

Teri: No, I’m only trying to make you realize how much you might regret this so that you’ll change your mind before it’s too late.

Cindy: My son is already packed and ready to fly to Mexico tomorrow with us. It’s too late.

Danielle: It is too late. I’m not going, that’s fine. I’ll have some alone time here. That’s always good, too!

Teri: Not as good as the beaches of Cancun!

Danielle: You’re right. It’s even better!

Velma: You take that back.

Betty: I think we’re getting off track. I’m reminding everyone today about this trip so we can all ensure that we’re ready to go straight away tomorrow.

Mitchell: Do you think anyone here forgot that we’re going on vacation tomorrow? Velma wouldn’t allow that.

Velma: I’ve been so pumped for this trip. The beach is my happy place. I taped a picture of Cancun above my work computer to get me through these past few weeks at work.

Ralph: Not all of us are excited for the beach.

Teri: You don’t have to go.

Betty: Yes you do!

Ralph: I’m glad to be going. I just won’t be going to the beach. I love the Mexican culture, it’s fascinating. The food is pretty great, too.

Mitch: The food is the main reason I’m going, I can’t lie.

Teri: We know.

The next morning…

Karl: Is all of the luggage in the cars at this time?

Teri: No! My toiletry bag isn’t out there yet.

Karl: Just don’t forget it, okay? And leave it by your feet. I’m closing up the roof carrier and closing the hatch. I don’t want to have to open them again.

Teri: Okay, okay. I’ll take it out to the car as soon as I put on my makeup.

Betty: What book should I take?

Jerry: How about “Sanity for Dummies?”

Betty: You ass.

Jerry: No, there aren’t any books about my ass.

Teri: I brought a few books, don’t worry about it.

Betty: Are any of them not by Howard Stern?

Teri: No…

Betty: Steven, go grab a book from the bookshelf for grandma Betty, please. One that isn’t for children. Not the Bible, either. The hotel will have that already.

Steven: Okay, sounds good.

Betty: None of your father’s Republican books, either. I’ll chuck that out the window on the car ride to the airport.

Frank: You will not!

Danielle: Get her the book “Jaws.” A lovely beach read!

Steven: Okay!

Tammi: Steven, don’t do that.

Steven: Why?

Tammi: Your grandmother will never go in the ocean again.

Teri: I see no problem with that.

Betty: What are you all saying.

Teri: Nothing…

Tammi: Teri and Danielle want to scare you so you don’t go swimming in Mexico. They want Steven to give you the Jaws book

Betty: I have no comment.

Teri: So Danielle, moving on from all of that, do you have all of our instructions written down?

Danielle: Yes. I live here, too, you know. I kinda got the hang of everything already.

Karl: What about my plants?

Danielle: Water them on Wednesday. Pick the dead leaves off of all of the plants as I see them and throw them away. Don’t leave them in the pots.

Karl: Very good!

Danielle: I’m going to be okay here! You can all rest easy knowing I’m here to take care of the house. Most of the time. I have to go to work, of course.

Karl: I think we’re done here, then. Is everyone ready to hit the road?

Teri: I still have to put my makeup on!

Cindy: Why are you out here talking? Put on your makeup. We have to get to there airport!

Teri: You sound like mom.

Betty: Get your makeup on!

Teri: There we go.

Betty: Now! I want to get to Mexico!

One hour later…

Karl: We’re finally here!

Jerry: This doesn’t look like Mexico to me.

Karl: Here at the airport.

Jerry: That’s not what you said.

Karl: You’re being purposely obtuse.

Teri: Don’t say that, dad. Jerry really is this stupid.

Jerry: Beat up on Frank. Everyone likes that.

Tammi: I don’t!

Frank: I’ve grown to appreciate it.

Karl: We should start unpacking these cars instead of all of us just standing around outside of them.

Betty: We barely have any time to get to the game. Let’s get moving!

Cindy: It’s six in the morning. The flight leaves at eight.

Betty: They say to get here two hours early.

Teri: Which we did.

Betty: We aren’t in the door yet. It takes a good fifteen minutes to get our luggages out of the cars.

Cindy: We’ll. be fine.

Betty: I’d just rather be safe than sorry. We’re flying United, they get very ruthless when you’re late.

Tammi: We’re flying American Airlines, grandma.

Betty: We are?

Tammi: Half the luggage could’ve been out already if we weren’t talking about it.

Betty: Okay, if it’s what you want, I’ll zip my lips. I won’t talk until we’re on the plane.

Tammi: I didn’t say that.

Betty: I think you did, and that’s okay with me. I’ll just take my suitcase -

Karl: Suitcases. Take your suitcases.

Betty: I’ll take my suitcases and I’ll go in silently.

Betty grabs her suitcase and walks into the airport.

Steven: Mom, why is grandma Betty upset?

Tammi: I don’t know, honey, but we better get to her soon before she gets lost in Richmond International.

Ralph: Don’t worry too much about her. She’s easy to find. She’s got a leopard print suitcase and she’s wearing a hot pink jacket and mittens. No one else looks quite like her.

Velma: You’d be surprised. Old ladies love going on beach trips. Whenever I go to the beach, it’s mostly old ladies wrapped in beach blankets with giant leopard print bags, baking in the sun but still cold somehow.

Teri: That was overly-descriptive, a little confusing, and mildly nauseating.

Velma: Thank you. I have a gift.

Karl: I’m going to look for her. She’ll get lost in there, she hasn’t been here in years. None of you better move or we can kiss Cancun goodbye.

Betty returns.

Betty: Was no one going to come look for me?

Karl: I was on my way, honey.

Tammi: Uncle Ralph told me not to go get you.

Ralph: I did not! I just said she’s easy to locate.

Betty: This is going to be a long flight for all of you.

Jerry: As if it wasn’t going to feel like an eternity to begin with.

Karl: We’re all together again, we all have our luggage. You all wait here.

Betty: You’re sounding like you’re going somewhere. Where are you going?

Karl: Jerry and I have to go park the cars.

Jerry: We do?

Karl: You drove the other car. We can’t leave it in the unloading dock So yes.

Teri: I can always park it for you!

Jerry: Okay, I’ll do it. See you guys soon!

Twenty minutes later…

Teri: Thank god you’re finally here. Mom was stressing so much, I thought we were gonna have to put her down.

Betty: I was fine!

Velma: I think you lost some of your hair.

Ralph: Haha!

Betty: I pulled that out.

Teri: Due to stress.

Betty: Fine. You know how I get when we travel. I feel like we’re late and it makes my stomach turn.

Karl: We should get in there, then. No reason not to!

The family walks into the airport.

Amelia: Bellwoods! Hi!

Betty: Oh no. Ohhhhh noooooo.

Karl: It’s lovely to see you here! Where ya headed?

Amelia: I’m heading off for a week in Chicago!

Teri: I thought mom asked you to stay at our house for the week and then called you to cancel?

Amelia: No, she never asked.

Karl: Betty… were you going to leave my plants to become dehydrated?

Betty: What? No! Now let’s go check in!

Teri: No, I have some questions.

Betty: You can ask while we wait at the gate!

Teri: No, I have to ask now.

Betty: Why do you do this to me?

Teri: Because it’s fun!

Thirty minutes later…

Amelia: Okay, I’ll see you guys later!

Cindy: Have a good time in Chicago!

The Bellwoods walk away.

Teri: Wow, Zeke’s girlfriend can talk!

Zeke: She isn’t my girlfriend.

Teri: Whatever she is. She can really talk!

Betty: I know…

Ralph: Is mom okay?

Teri: It would be be a miracle if she was.

Ralph: I’m just amazed that she’s not in the fetal position.

Teri: Yet.

Mitchell: I’m hungry. I think I’m g-

Betty: No! No! No! No! Noooooooooooooooo!

Mitchell: Okay, I’ll wait.

Velma: We narrowly avoided making the Lakey Action News.

Jerry: “Homicide today at Richmond International Airport as deranged woman kills nephew after he orders a pretzel.”

Ralph: Forget the Action News. We would’ve made the Today show!

Betty: Very funny. Let’s get moving! Our flight leaves in an hour!

Velma: We really are cutting it close.

Betty: Let’s get moving, people!

One hour later…

Betty: I can’t believe Mitchell stopped for a pretzel after all we’ve gone through today! We have five minutes to get to the gate!

Mitchell: I can’t go on the plane without eating! Do you want to be near me when I’m starving?

Velma: You really don’t want to experience it.

Jerry: We don’t even want to experience him when he’s just eaten!

Betty: Focus on the running, please!

Velma: Look! The American Airlines to Charlotte!

Mitchell: We’re going to Cancun, not Charlotte!

Ralph: Does someone want to tell him?

Mitchell: Tell me what?

Tammi: We have a brief layover in Charlotte. There aren’t any direct flights from Richmond to Cancun.

Mitchell: Oh, that’s stupid.

Betty: It may be, but let’s get on that plane before we get stuck here!

Teri: Can’t wait to go through this again in just an hour and a half!

Many hours later, in Cancún…

Betty: ¡Viva México!

Cindy: How long have you been holding that one in?

Betty: Since we booked this trip.

Ralph: I can’t believe we’re finally in Mexico. I feel like Ted Cruz!

Karl: Is that the guy who sings Dynamite?

Ralph: No, that’s Taio Cruz.

Karl: Did we rent a car yet? I can’t remember.

Cindy: Dad’s slipping!

Karl: We just went through six hours of flying. My brain’s a little tired.

Betty: Of course we rented a car! How else will we get around?

Ralph: Uber?

Betty: Funny joke. Let’s go get the car so we can rest at the hotel!

One hour later…

Betty: Look at this place! The sandy beach! The ocean view! It’s paradise!

Cindy: It was almost worth all of the complaining we had to endure today.

Betty: Shall we go inside?

Karl: Can I park the car first?

Zeke: This isn’t much of a car? It’s more of a bus.

Frank: I’d call it more of a van.

Jerry: It looks like we’re about to rob a bank.

Teri: It does not! We look like the gang from Little Miss Sunshine.

Ralph: As if we could secure a vehicle as cool as the 1978 Volkswagen T2 bus.

Karl: Are you guys coming?

Teri: Coming where?

Karl: Inside. The car is parked.

Teri: It is?

Betty: Don’t mind them. They drank on the plane.

Teri: I did not!

At the front desk of the hotel…

Betty: Hola! Me llamo Betty Bellwood!

Luisa (receptionist): I’m going to stop you right there. I speak English. You can talk to me in English if you’re more comfortable.

Cindy: How could you tell?

Luisa: Most American tourists seem to think none of us here speak English. Most of us do, it just helps us do our job better.

Betty: Does this mean I bought a Rosetta Stone course for no reason?

Luisa: I’m not sure what that is, but knowing Spanish isn’t a necessity here at the hotel.

Betty: Oh well. I’m just glad to be here.

Luisa: Shall we get you to your rooms?

Betty: That would be great!

Luisa: Okay, I need some identification and a confirmation of your reservation.

Betty: Here you go. We’re the Bellwoods.

Cindy: And the Delacroixs!

Betty: We booked three rooms. We have a very large family.

Luisa: They’re ready for you. Here’s your map of the hotel, a map of the area around the hotel, your room key, and a book of amenities here on the site of the hotel and in the area. Call us if you need anything, we’re only here to help. Welcome to Cancún!

Betty: Look guys! We made it!

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