1969-70 Sitcom Scorecard -- CBS Mops The Floor Again, 18-49 Demos Tell Different Story

Written Cashing in on a 47th Jewel by Bridger Cunningham.

Ever groan when a franchise declares a "final" installment after endless sequels?  The Friday the 13th Franchise has done it multiple times, much like the Historic Sitcom series here on TVRG.  Back when this project began in Summer of 2017, 32 entries were anticipated as the hard data wall for historic ratings appeared to be 1984.  As the cards rounded the bend in late summer, a thorough screening of old Newspaper articles turned up 7 additional years of data, augmenting the series to 36 of the 37 years.  As the series was declared concluded on December 9, 2017, more data came about!  Not only did TVRG comprise the first compilation of the evasive 2008-09 season, but seven more entries came about in the earlier part of this year.  Then yesterday, April 25, 2018 was declared "the final" entry, again, bringing the total to the series until the 2017-18 data is unveiled, bringing the total to 47.

One day later, MORE data has been unearthed.  The Top 60 entries for the 1969-70 season have been located, along with several key demographics.  Additionally, a full list of data is uncovered for 1972-73, and partial data of Top 40 and Top 51 showings will be coming for 1967-69.  This means TVRG shall have 51 Historic Sitcom Scorecards by summer, and 51 of the 68 years profiled with more data than any singular site on the net.  And TVRG now holds the distinct honor of populating more Brady Bunch ratings data than ever available before.  Enjoy the peak!  The 1969-70 entry has 2/3 of ratings data as the last 31 shows are unranked.

This, along with other diverse entries of ratings data can be found in the TVRG Ratings Library, located at the following link: http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2018/01/tvrg-ratings-library.html 

The overall Household Ratings ruled the majority in 1970 for renewal decisions.  By this depiction, CBS clearly won the race with their slapstick and rural sitcoms.  2nd Place NBC housed a mere 3 entries this season of the 26, with only one surviving.  Little is known about The Debbie Reynolds show, except the marquee star would rather watch the show burn than a crass cigarette sponsor headlining the series.  ABC appeared to trail this season, but renewed six of their series, including cult classic The Brady Bunch.

Thanks to a  clever article showcasing all demographics, today's coveted 18-49 Adult Demo is present, and it tells a differing story.  The 6th season of Bewitched struggled due to Dick Sargent replacing Dick York as Darren, and the series tunneled to 22nd Place, 8th out of the 26 entries.  Dissect the demo, and Bewitched was in 1st!  In HH ratings, boiler plate Here's Lucy was the 1st Place sitcom and shifted down to 9th in 18-49.  Check the two charts and enjoy a scrambled game of how did the sitcoms do this season.

Source -- https://i1.wp.com/jacksonupperco.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/91670-Ratings-by-Demo-for-69-Feb70-3.png?ssl=1

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