1968-69 Sitcom Scorecard

Written Channeling the Power of 49 by Bridger Cunningham.

The 49th entry of the Historic Sitcom Scorecard showcases the 1968-69 season, which TVRG has managed to locate the top 51st rankings of the 92 helpings this season.  22 sitcoms graced the lineup, 15 of which survived to the fall 1969 lineup.  NBC cancelled Get Smart and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, resulting in CBS salvaging Get Smart and and ABC giving Ghost another season.  ABC and NBC had fewer sitcoms to display as CBS owned and dominated the sitcom stables with 13 entries (10 of which were renewed).

This, along with other diverse entries of ratings data can be found in the TVRG Ratings Library, located at the following link: http://www.tvratingsguide.com/2018/01/tvrg-ratings-library.html 

Source: https://i2.wp.com/jacksonupperco.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/91669-Final-Averages-Top-51-for-1968-69-3.jpg?ssl=1

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