2009-10 Sitcom Scorecard -- A Record Low Sitcom Count

Written in Finale Form by Bridger Cunningham

It seems rough economies and lean offerings from television go hand in hand.  1974-75 and 2009-10 both doled out record low sitcom counts of 23 offerings, both years in the heart of a rough economy.  CBS ruled the pack this year, and somehow NBC found something to write home about as Must See TV churned out 4 sitcoms which carried the block well into the 2010's.  Elsewhere, FOX Sundays delivered strong, and ABC's only graces to write home about was Modern Family became the network's next sensation.  Otherwise, this was a bleak year for sitcoms.
Behold the 41st and final entry into the Historic Sitcom Scorecard series, wrapping up the first chapter in the launch of TVRG's Ratings History Library.  This effort launched on May 26 earlier this year as a one-time entry which launched into an entire anthology due to popularity.  A true May to December romance, it began late in May and ended today, December 9, 2017.  That, and a young(er) male writer fell in love with some really old ratings! 
TVRG has obtained all years with complete or significant data, thus far amassing 41 years.  It appears this project has concluded.  However, TVRG will resurrect the series in special installments next year, when the 2017-18's season concludes its run.  Also, TVRG will continue the valiant hunt for data for 1967-73, 1976-77, 1979-81, 1982-83 and 2009-09.    It's been a hell of a ride, and TVRG will continue to deliver Historic Ratings data for readers.  Look for more Ratings History entries to finish, and an exciting Historic Schedule featuring ratings.  This series will be on display well through 2018.
Source: http://deadline.com/2010/05/full-series-rankings-for-the-2009-10-broadcast-season-44277/

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