The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 2 Review

The Goldbergs returned last week with a solid premiere. I'm excited to see that Erica is finally in college, which I. think can help shake up the show a bit. This week focuses on Adam and Pops, which I'm happy about since I love Adam and Pops stories.

Adam always uses his videos to get out of doing real work. His history teacher Doc is hard on the students and gives the kids a ten-page essay to do on World War II. So Adam asks to do a video recreation for his project instead. The teacher agrees, but it better be good or Adam will get an F. At college, Erica's side of her room is a mess. Other Erica gives her an ultimatum: clean her room and take care of herself, or she'll turn her in to the RA. So Erica heads home to get help from Beverly. She tells her that Beverly has failed as a mother (for being too good at being a mom). Beverly decides to help her out (of course), but Murray isn't happy with that. He wants Beverly to teach the kids how to live without her. Adam tells Pops about his video assignment, and Pops offers to give him war stories. Adam is excited by this at first, but Pops is telling some really boring stories and he decides to make things up, with a little help from Hogan's Heroes. The stories are completely ridiculous, but Adam believes him. Beverly is trying to teach Erica and Barry how to do laundry. But then, Erica says something that Beverly doesn't like: they want to learn these skills so they don't have to come home all the time. And so, Beverly decides to sabotage them. She tells them to fold a fitted sheets, and the kids are incapable of doing it. She's able to do it easily, and she gets Erica to ask her to come to college every weekend. But Murray knows Beverly's game, and he tells the kids what she did. They decide to learn basic life skills they should've known for years, just so they can stick it to Beverly. At class, Adam is displaying his masterpiece. In it, Pops tells "his" stories. Doc knows it's all from Hogan's Heroes, but Adam insists that it's Pops's stories. Doc gives him an F and a week's detention for lying, even though Adam is completely clueless. So Adam throws chalk at him. And he's off to the principal's office.

Principal Ball tells Adam that Pops's stories are all lies, and that plagiarism is a serious issue. Adam still insists that he is innocent, but they show him side-by-side tapes of his movie and Hogan's Heroes. Adam then says that Hogan either stole the stories or that Pops is Hogan. He defends Pops, but at home, Pops immediately admits that he lied. Pops says he was just excited to spend time with him again, and that he will go talk to Doc. Barry and Erica are angry that Beverly was such a great mother to them, and they try to get someone to teach them things. Barry gets the idea to go see Coach Mellor, and he agrees. At school, Pops tries to change Doc's mind. Doc says grades are non-negotiable. Pops tells him that he lied to Adam, and Adam didn't do anything wrong. Doc finally agrees after Pops keeps taking off his uncomfortable clothes. At home, Erica and Barry show Beverly their new-found skills, and Beverly feels betrayed. They accuse her of tricking them, and they're right. She's heartbroken when she realizes this, and Murray tells her that her relationship with her kids is changing, and that she has to change with it.

Adam is back in class, showing his video of stuff that really happened. The story that Pops is telling is seemingly dull, but Adam says that Pops may not have fought on a battlefield, but he's still his hero. Doc is touched by this, and he says it's his favorite term 'paper' ever. At home, Beverly apologizes for her questionable action and says that she's going to change her ways. Erica and Barry are glad that their mom has decided to change, and they all embrace. Back at college, Erica has used her newly learned skills, and her side of the room actually looks good.

This was an amazing episode, easily the best Goldbergs in a very long time. It was so touching, especially the Adam and Pops story. I always love an Adam and Pops episode, and this was no different. George Segal just gives my all the feels as Pops, and the Pops-Adam relationship is easily one of the show's best. The Erica and Barry story was great too, and I loved that there was some real progress with Beverly's smothering this week. Also, a Coach Mellor appearance is always appreciated, so it was great to see him get some screen-time this week. All in all, this was a perfect episode and I just adored every single part of it. This season already looks to be an improvement on the last one.

My Score: 10/10
My Grade: A+

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