New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2017 - FOX Comedy

FOX only has one new comedy this fall, but I am keeping the title of the article as FOX comedy for consistency's sake, just like I did with ABC comedy. That one new comedy coming to FOX this fall is Ghosted, which will air on Sundays at 8:30 after The Simpsons, premiering on October 1st.


What May Cause Ghosted to be a Hit?

Despite just performing just fairly well on Tuesdays in its better weeks, Brooklyn Nine-Nine consistently did quite well when it aired on Sundays at 8:30. Ghosted feels like Brooklyn Nine-Nine in some ways. The team on Brooklyn Nine-Nine investigates crimes, and the duo on Ghosted will investigate paranormal activity. In addition, both shows are male-led, which made Brooklyn and will likely make Ghosted fit in to the male-skewing Sunday night line-up.

What May Cause Ghosted to be a Miss for FOX?

While Brooklyn Nine-Nine worked in the timeslot, it was established. New shows that FOX has tried in this timeslot recently (Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life, Son of Zorn, Making History) haven't worked. The Simpsons's viewers may not really want to watch a live-action comedy (or hybrid in the case of Son of Zorn) after the show.

In addition, the show isn't doing very well on social media. It has only 4,521 likes on Facebook, much less than FOX's new dramas (who both have over 18 times as many likes). On Twitter, it is also well below the network's new dramas, with only 1,820 followers (less than a fifth of what second-place The Gifted has).

What to Expect from FOX's New Comedy

I feel that Ghosted has a shot, because it feels like something that fits in with FOX's comedies, but I am definitely worried that it doesn't fit in enough between The Simpsons and Family Guy, since it's live-action. Ghosted does not have to worry about the mid-season comedies that FOX has because it is limited, so it wouldn't get a backorder anyway.

What do you expect from Ghosted? And what factors do you think will contribute most in making it a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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