Special Review: The 100 Seasons 1-4

 Since its inception back in 2006, The CW has been known for airing shows about teenagers and their issues like relationships and affairs. But unlike all those other shows, The 100 focuses on more interesting problems like genocide.

The 100 is set on earth 97 years after the planet was filled with radiation and it follows a group of teenagers led by Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake are sent to earth to test the possibility of survival. But like The Good Place, the show soon veered away from its initial premise.

When The 100 debuted back in 2014, I shrugged it off as another teen drama. But after hearing so much positive feedback, I decided to see what they were raving about. The first 3 episodes were pretty boring as it felt like the characters were pretty standard and some of the characters like Kane and Octavia were horrible. But by episode 4 the show started to get better as the battle between The 100 and the grounders gained intensity as well as developments in character personality. By episode 7 I went from thinking of Kane as a nuisance to understanding and sympathising with him. Season 1 had a pretty rough start but soon found its footing and turned out to be a pretty exciting sci-fi survival drama.

Season 2 is where the show was able to truly define itself as special. It featured higher stakes and a great villain with somewhat noble intentions. It also made the show focus on the political and cultural aspects of the grounders. But what I loved most about season 2 was the emphasis on choices. Many of the choices made always had dire consequences regardless of their intentions. By delving into grey areas, the show solidified its status as being better than many shows on broadcast TV.

Season 3 went downhill though. The first half was riddled with problems such as a slow pace, Bellamy suddenly turning into a jerk and an unnecessary conflict with the grounders. However, the second half showed marginal improvement as the focus was mostly on taking down ALIE, the main villain of the season. Still I found my interest to be very low until the last 2 episodes as that was when the stakes were really high

Even though Season 3 kinda sucked, I urge you to keep watching. Season 4 has been very well made so far so I believe they have redeemed themselves for the mistakes made in Season 3. The story is more realistic and the fallout from Season 3 is being handled smoothly.

Overall, The 100 is a very well made show filled with complex characters and detailed mythology. The 100 is now available on Netflix and the latest episodes come out soon after airing on The CW. Thanks to the limited number of episodes, the show is perfect for binge watching.

Quote of the special: "May we meet again"

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