Jessica's Fall 2017 Schedule Predictions - January Edition

Hey folks, this is Jessica. I participated in the mock scheduling last season, and now, I will do it all again. I admit, these are some bold predictions.

7:00 - America's Funniest Home Videos
8:00 - Shark Tank
9:00 - Designated Survivor
10:00 - Once Upon a Time

8:00 - Dancing With the Stars
10:00 - New Drama

8:00 - The Middle
8:30 - New Comedy
9:00 - American Housewife
9:30 - black-ish
10:00 - Inhumans/Marvel's Agents of SHIELD

8:00 - The Goldbergs
8:30 - Fresh Off the Boat
9:00 - Modern Family
9:30 - Speechless
10:00 - New Drama

8:00 - Grey's Anatomy
9:00 - Scandal
10:00 - How to Get Away With Murder

8:00 - Last Man Standing
8:30 - New Comedy
9:00 - Dr. Ken
9:30 - The Real O'Neals
10:00 - 20/20

Reasoning: The loss of Scandal on the fall schedule may be seen as a domino effect to all the problems at ABC's drama department. With the exception of Designated Survivor (so far!), How to Get Away with Murder, and Grey's Anatomy, the entire drama slate has averaged a 0.8 or lower.

It's clear that Sundays need a major overhaul. This means moving two veterans to Sunday and moving Once Upon a Time to 10pm. Shark Tank is a mostly reliable performer, and with Designated Survivor, the tonality of the lineup should at least keep ABC's lights on.

"But that lineup will get crushed by The Walking Dead!" - The mostly female skewing lineup of ABC Sunday has been crushed enough.

I suggest that two new comedies will air depending on the success of the midseason comedies. Comedy has been the pulling the weight this season, so I think they will try to expand Friday.

I've also paired The Goldbergs and Fresh Off the Boat together for chronological compatibility, plus moved black-ish post American Housewife. Four seasons behind Modern Family is a season too long.

My schedule also depends on whether they will renew The Real O'Neals. It may be the lowest rated non-Friday comedy, but ABC has renewed the show with similar ratings. It could possibly happen again, but I'll have a more definite answer once April comes around.

7:00 - 60 Minutes
8:00 - MacGyver
9:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles
10:00 - Madam Secretary

8:00 - 2 Broke Girls
8:30 - Superior Donuts
9:00 - Kevin Can Wait
9:30 - Man With a Plan
10:00 - Bull

8:00 - NCIS
9:00 - New Drama
10:00 - NCIS: New Orleans

8:00 - Survivor
9:00 - New Drama
10:00 - Criminal Minds

8:00 - The Big Bang Theory
8:30 - New Comedy
9:00 - Mom
9:30 - Life in Pieces
10:00 - Code Black

8:00 - Scorpion
9:00 - Hawaii Five-0
10:00 - Blue Bloods

Reasoning: I've mostly kept things conservative, with a new drama at 9. However, I've put the veterans at 10.

The biggest disagreement I am expecting to have with this schedule will be Sunday and Friday. Although MacGyver has some part in Hawaii Five-0's upward swing year to year, it's pulling similar ratings as The Amazing Race. That may not cut it for CBS. I decided to place it on Sundays with NCIS: Los Angeles at 9. I don't know if Madam Secretary will receive a syndication deal, but I think it will be next to go to the 10pm death slot. I expect Elementary to be canceled despite the WGN syndication deal.

I also decided because of similar tonality to move Scorpion to MacGyver's current Friday at 8pm time slot. Hawaii Five-0 was moved to Friday due to declining ratings on Monday. Scorpion is currently averaging a 1.25, down 29% from last season. I think that will prompt CBS to try to salvage it for syndication purposes.

If Hawaii Five-0 ends after the eighth season, I think either Criminal Minds or NCIS: New Orleans may also be moved.

8:00 - Supergirl
9:00 - New Show

8:00 - The Flash
9:00 - DC's Legends of Tomorrow

8:00 - Arrow
9:00 - New Show

8:00 - Supernatural
9:00 - Riverdale

8:00 - Jane the Virgin
9:00 - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Reasoning: Well, the schedule is a bold move, but not as bold as it could be. It's mostly conservative, with Jane the Virgin moving to Fridays. With development more rampant than ever, we'll know more by May.

7:00 - The OT/Show Repeat
7:30 - Bob's Burgers
8:00 - The Simpsons
8:30 - The Mick
9:00 - Family Guy
9:30 - New Comedy

8:00 - Gotham
9:00 - Lucifer

8:00 - Lethal Weapon
9:00 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
9:30 - The Last Man on Earth

8:00 - Empire
9:00 - Star

8:00 - 24: Legacy
9:00 - APB

8:00 - Rosewood
9:00 - Hell's Kitchen

Reasoning: I don't expect much from FOX in terms of scheduling as long as the duo of Walden and Newman continue to run the network to the ground.

Assuming that Rosewood is renewed, I think it will remain on Fridays.

Lethal Weapon has more of a comedic feel which prompts the suggestion that it will lead off Tuesdays. I think it should be a respectable night with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Last Man on Earth paired together.

FOX could make Wednesday its Lee Daniels night.

We'll know more when May comes around.

8:00 - The Voice
10:00 - New Show

8:00 - The Voice
9:00 - This is Us
10:00 - New Show

8:00 - Chicago Fire
9:00 - Law & Order: SVU
10:00 - Chicago PD

8:00 - Superstore
8:30 - New Comedy
9:00 - The Good Place
9:30 - Trial & Error
10:00 - Chicago Med

8:00 - Chicago Justice
9:00 - The Blacklist
10:00 - Dateline

Reasoning: The strength exhibited on Tuesday nights will give This is Us the ability to launch a show. This kicks Chicago Fire to Wednesdays, where I expect it to be Dick Wolf night. I expect comedy to expand on Thursday night.

Speaking of Mondays, The Voice may launch another show. Timeless is too weak to maintain that slot, so it will be canceled.

When it comes to Fridays, I have penciled in Chicago Justice and The Blacklist. Ratings for The Blacklist are too weak to remain on Thursday. Maybe this lineup could give somewhat of a pulse to Friday night.

My schedule predictions for all five networks will be more self-explanatory come April, after shows air. Changes will be made accordingly.

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