Mom S4E6 Review

This week Christy continues to deal with Roscoe's pot smoking.

S4E6 "Xanax and a Baby Duck"

It is really funny when Christy talks on the phone to Marjorie about Roscoe, but can't handle her being calm and reasonable. After Roscoe gets out of therapy, Christy tries to get information out of him about what he talked about, specifically if he talked about her, which is really funny.

The family is having dinner, and it is funny when Bonnie states the rule that if you've been away from the table for over five minutes, your food is fair game. It is really funny at a meeting when Christy freaks out about Roscoe. However, her craziness is on the verge of getting annoying. Adam has some great lines when he talks to Bonnie and Christy about drinking in front of Roscoe.

Christy talks to Marjorie about Roscoe, and she has a great line about how just because something rhymes doesn't make it good advice. Christy and Bonnie talk to Roscoe's therapist. After he gives advice, it's hilarious when Bonnie tries to get interpretation of her dream. Bonnie demonstrates a different approach, which is a great.

At the end of the episode, Bonnie and Christy go to a meeting Bonnie has been going to for two years, where she mostly talks about Christy. The episode has a great ending when Bonnie says to someone there that Christy is usually a lot more annoying.

Christy came close to getting too annoying, but she ended up not. The episode had many funny moments in it.

Score: 9/10

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