Sunday TV Ratings: Fun and Games Stumble

America's Funniest Home Videos (R) - 0.7
Celebrity Family Feud - 1.5
The $100,000 Pyramid - 1.2
Match Game - 1.1
PGA Championship Overrun - 1.3
60 Minutes (R) - 1.2 (7:30-8:30)
Big Brother (8:30-9:30) - 1.7
Madam Secretary (R) (9:30-10:30)   - 0.5
Braindead (10:30-11:30) - 0.5
Dateline NBC (R) - 0.6
Hollywood Game Night (R) - 0.5
American Ninja Warrior (R) - 0.8

The Simpsons (R)/Bob’s Burgers (R) - 0.4/0.5
Teen Choice Awards - 0.5

It was a somewhat worrying night for ABC as their game show block saw some slippage with Celebrity
Family Feud (1.4) down a tenth, but the more worrying result came as The $100,000 Pyramid (1.2) dropped two tenths, and could only tie it's Fourth of July low, Match Game (1.1) was also down a
tenth, but has gone up before in finals, earlier in the night, an America's Funniest Home Videos
 repeat (0.7) continued to be a solid performer. CBS had a night of preemptions thanks to the PGA Championship Overrun (1.3), so it led to abnormally high repeats of 60 Minutes (1.2), Madam Secretary (0.7) and Braindead (0.5) which spiked two tenths, but sandwiched between them was Big Brother (1.6) which was down four tenths from last week. NBC had another night of repeats with Dateline NBC (0.6), Hollywood Game Night (0.5), and American Ninja Warrior (0.8). And FOX had repeats of
 The Simpsons (0.4) and Bob's Burgers (0.5) followed by the Teen Choice Awards (0.6) which
did significantly worse then last year, but probably performerd better in the teen demographics. 

Finals Update: Big Brother (1.7) and Celebrity Family Feud (1.5) adjusted up putting the latter even with last week while the Madam Secretary repeat (0.5) and the Teen Choice Awards (0.5) adjusted down putting
the Awards at just disasterous pull-me-off-the-air results. 

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