The Best Episode of Crowded

NBC comedy has been struggling, and Crowded is its latest victim. It concluded its run two weeks ago. I have prepared this post to celebrate the best episode of Crowded, as I have decided that I will create a post about the top however many episodes of each show I watch (even the ones I don't review) when they finish, with the number of episodes I list being somewhat dependent on how many episodes there were of the show. Crowded aired 13 episodes, so I picked out 1 that stood out.

"Nothing as it Seems" (Season 1, Episode 6)

Written by: Kellie R. Griffin
Directed by: Andy Cadiff

Often one of the best things that comedies can do is set an episode in one location. Most of this episode was set at a movie theatre, and it was a great episode. There was also a mystery involved, which is often very funny, as Mike tries to figure out who is pregnant. Every storyline in this episode was entertaining, and the scene where Mike thinks that Ethan got Shea pregnant was excellent. Every cast member had great moments, making this the best episode of Crowded.

What was your favorite episode(s) of Crowded? Tell me what and why in the comments!

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