Preacher S1E3 Review

I'm glad to see Tulip's story is going somewhere, but exactly where is the bigger question.

S1E3 'The Possibilities'

Jesse decides to test out his powers and who better to use as a guinea pig than an immortal Vampire. He then gets involved in a road trip with Tulip as they go to hunt down a former "business" associate who  screwed them over many years ago. But on the way Jessie has a change of heart after getting ambushed by Donnie at a gas station bathroom. He decides to use his new found power for a better purpose than revenge.

Meanwhile, Cassidy has to again deal with the mysterious men going after Jesse, but this time he manages to have a proper conversation with them about the creature within Jesse (but not without trying to kill them first.)

As I had expected, Preacher has finally lost some of its steam, but it is still a solid hour of entertainment. Jesse's feelings about his abilities was well portrayed, Tulip had great scene dealing with a cop, and Donnie did a good job playing an asshole. The only thing that bothered me about the episode was that Jesse didn't tell Tulip about his powers which I feel will lead to a lot of unnecessary secrecy.

Quote of the week: "Suit Yourself"

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