Summer Renew/Cancel - June 17: BrainDead is Likely to be Canceled

It's week five, and this week has been a big week in terms of premieres. First, BrainDead premiered on Monday on CBS. Then, Uncle Buck premiered on Tuesday on ABC. Finally, Aquarius premiered on Thursday on NBC with a two hour premiere. In addition to this, one show has moved categories, and another show premieres next week. Now, for my predictions.

Format for predictions:
Show title (network) (average 18-49 rating, season low-season high)

Certain to be Canceled
Aquarius (NBC) (0.4, 0.4-0.4)
Houdini & Doyle (FOX) (0.6, 0.4-0.7)

Likely to be Canceled
BrainDead (CBS) (0.7, 0.7-0.7)

Mistresses (ABC) (0.8, 0.7-0.8)
Wayward Pines (FOX) (0.8, 0.7-0.9)

Likely to be Renewed
The Night Shift (NBC) (1.0, 0.9-1.1)
Uncle Buck (ABC) (1.5, 1.5-1.5)

Certain to be Renewed

Fate Determined
Beauty and the Beast (CW) FINAL SEASON

Yet to Premiere
American Gothic (CBS)
Zoo (CBS)

BrainDead: 0.7 is not good. Even for summer, and even with a rerun lead in. I'm not putting it at certain to be canceled, however, for two reasons. One, people might not have known it was on. I saw very little advertising, and kept checking many times to see what day and time it aired and when it premiered, so we'll see what it does in week two. The second reason is that it did have a rerun lead-in. Last season, Under the Dome was canceled after getting mostly 1.0s during the first half and mostly 0.8s during the second half of its season, but it had Big Brother as a lead in.

Uncle Buck: This show surprised when it not only premiered to a very large (for summer) 1.5, but kept its audience from the 9:00 episode in the 9:30 episode. I never put new shows at certain to be renewed in the first week, so I'll wait to see what it gets next week. As long as there isn't a large drop, expect for it to be upgraded, and expect a renewal announcement in the next couple of weeks, as many shows' contracts expire on June 30th, so if this show is like most, it will need to be renewed soon.

Aquarius: Thanks to online viewers, Aquarius got renewed last summer. However, it is only being aired on television this summer, and it premiered to the last rating it got on Thursday before moving to Saturday. Additionally, the premiere followed a Dateline episode about Charles Manson, which the show is about, that got a 1.0. There's no way it makes it this time around, no chance for Aquarius season three.

Houdini & Doyle: This show is now completely dead, after dropping two tenths to a new low, a tenth beneath the previous low that was earned on Memorial Day. There is no way that this show is coming back, it couldn't be cheap enough for FOX to want it back.

The Night Shift: I debated moving this one up to certain to be renewed this week, I'll wait one more week. It proved its strength by going up this week, despite a rerun lead in instead of an original like last week. This show is completely lead-in independent, and was likely affected last week by NBA.

American Gothic: This show airs in Extant's original timeslot from last season, so it'll be an easy comparison. If it gets Extant numbers, it's done for sure. If it gets higher numbers, it will be trickier to determine, depending on how high those numbers are.

What do you think of my predictions? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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