New Show Hit/Miss Fall 2016 - Lethal Weapon

This feature examines which factors may affect how well a show does. Any show can do well or poorly, and it is difficult to know before the premiere. I have moved on to FOX now. These are the factors that may cause Lethal Weapon to succeed or to fail.

What May Cause Lethal Weapon to be a Hit?

Airing before Empire
FOX won't use Empire as a lead-in for anything, but they used it as a lead-out for Rosewood last season, and they are doing the same thing for Lethal Weapon this year. This will likely help the show out a lot.

More people watched its trailer than other FOX shows
It beat out Pitch, The Exorcist, and even Son of Zorn in trailer views, according to the trailer-watching article. This means that a lot of people are aware that the show exists, and may be interested in watching the show.

Four Lethal Weapon films
There are four Lethal Weapon films! This means that there are likely a lot of fans of the films out there, who may come to the TV version.

What May Cause Lethal Weapon to be a Miss for FOX?

Heavily disliked trailer
From the trailer-watching article, only one show had a lower like/dislike ratio, MacGyver, and Lethal Weapon tied The Great Indoors. While people watched the trailer, they didn't like it very much, so viewers may not stick with the show.

More episodes without Empire than Rosewood
While Rosewood only aired five episodes without Empire airing on the same night, Lethal Weapon won't be waiting until March to return after Christmas. This will cause its average to be much lower if it doesn't have a real fan base.

Movie to TV doesn't usually work
About a Boy, Bad Teacher, Limitless, Minority Report, Rush Hour, Taxi Brooklyn. What do they all have in common? They were all adapted from movies, and they all didn't last. If it were to be successful, Lethal Weapon would be going against the trend.

What to Expect for Lethal Weapon?

I think that the Empire factor will help in the beginning, but then the without Empire factor will hurt in the second half of the season, and the heavily disliked trailer factor will hurt the show in general, and it won't get a second season.

Which factors do you think will be most in play in causing Lethal Weapon to be a hit or a miss? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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