Person of Interest S5E9 Review

An old enemy reappears and disappears while an old friend receives some much needed enlightenment

S5E9 'Sotto Voce'

The episode begins with Reese following Terry, a locksmith who has broken into a building with a bomb. Reese dismantles it and takes Terry to the precinct for questioning. Terry reveals that someone had kidnapped his wife and was blackmailing him. Upon hearing a conversation between Terry and the kidnapper, Reese and Harold realise that the kidnapper is an enemy known as the voice, who was previously seen in Season 3 Episode 15. Reese then goes to check on a lead for the Voice with some cops but it turns out to be a trap as the cops are killed in an explosion which leads to a big crisis involving the whole police force looking for explosives in the city.

At the same time, Fusco is busy interrogating a cab driver connected to multiple murders but is forced to work with Reese after a cop blackmailed by the Voice releases some gangsters who start going after the cab driver, who reveals that he knows the true identity of the voice.

Meanwhile, Harold and Elias find the bomb supplier of the Voice and use him to find the Voice's base. After arriving there Harold discovers that Terry's wife was really a hired actress and that Terry was actually the Voice all along, but by then it was too late as Terry had already killed the cab driver. Terry manages to leave the precinct safely, but not before having a chat with Harold and Elias. After Terry leaves, Elias takes out a remote and explodes Terry's car, thus ending the tyranny of the Voice.

After all they had been through, Reese finally decided to tell Fusco about the Machine, which made me happy as the whole "We need to protect him" routine was getting old

Lastly, we finally get our Root and Shaw moment as Shaw arrives in New York and meets up with Root after shooting an ally of Samaritan. Shaw is still messed up and is not sure if the current scenario is a simulation or not. To help Shaw, Root threatens to kill herself. While this encounter ends at this point, at the end it is revealed that Shaw is officially back with Team Machine, as she meets the others under the Queensboro bridge.

An exciting episode indeed. First of all I am glad they cleared up Fusco's dilemma and brought back Shaw as an official member. Bringing the Voice back was smart as it helped tie up a loose end but confusing as I had completely forgot about him, fortunately the writers were kind enough to give us a reminder of sorts within the episode. I think the highlight of the episode was Harold and Elias's day out.

Quote of the week: "What are we doing up here? You're not gonna propose to me, are you?"

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