Wayward Pines S2E6 Review

The first half of the season hasn't really advanced much in story and there are no signs so far that the show even has a plan and knows where it's going. We'll see if that continues tonight.

S2E6 "City Upon a Hill"

This episode began by looking at the abbies from a different perspective. Instead of being seen just as creatures who are no good and kill humans, they are seen as people just trying to live out their lives, which is disrupted by the humans. Jason and Kerry talk about having a baby,  which makes me realize how strange it is that they don't have any kids, seeing as how they force the kids to procreate. Abbies attack the camp, but CJ shoots them, something that was nearly impossible to do in season one.

When the abbies attack, everyone is worried and it is chaos. There is a hint of an ethical dilemma when Jason asks why the first generation patients aren't being prioritized, and Theo says that they are if they're dying. This is followed by a scene with Jason and Kerry where we don't actually see Kerry in focus until like two minutes into the scene, which doesn't really make sense. A little bit of intensity is finally brought to this season aside from simple chaos when CJ says they only have enough food for six weeks.

Xander is wonderfully sassy when his gun is confiscated, and Jason refuses to accept that the abbies do have some intelligence. Xander talks to Rebecca about her getting rid of Theo, and it's really awkward when he talks about them both being her husband. The killing off of season one characters continues when Theresa dies. Now, all of the first season main cast is dead. Theo and Megan discover that the female abbie is more advanced than humans intellectually. Adam has answers about the female abbie, but it looks like we won't get to find out anything more this week, as the episode ends with a large number of abbies gathering outside Wayward Pines.

While the story progressed this week, and actual mystery has increased with the female abbie, there were some serious issues with this episode as well, such as how nothing happened with Jason and Kerry talk about having a baby, the scene where Kerry was out of focus, and too much chaos.

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