Wayward Pines S2E4 Review

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Last week I finally started to find Wayward Pines season 2 interesting, so I came into this week with hopes of continued improvement.

S2E4 "Exit Strategy"

The leaders in the town meet, and the meeting seems to go without an agenda. Megan only cares about the abbies, and CJ only cares about the crops. Rebecca talks to a young girl who is soon to be paired up. She says she is not ready to be a mom. Wayward Pines is so obsessed with increasing the population that they don't care if the kids are ready to parent.

Adam, who worked at the Secret Service with Ethan and left Wayward Pines to explore, has returned. I'm glad that this from the first season was not forgotten. Kids perform a play about the history of Wayward Pines, and it is very odd. Theresa confronts Adam, and it is very emotional.

Kerry talks to Xander, who claims to know something about abbies. I'm sure he does, as he somehow killed one. Megan talks to the brother of the girl in her very creepy way, and encourages him to "do what's best for Wayward Pines". I'm worried for this poor girl.

Rebecca stands up for the girl against Megan, and it rocks. Theo and Rebecca talk, and he complains about how Wayward Pines is all about survival but not living. It seems like there is a lot of talk on this show right now, but little action. Later, there is an abbie in Wayward Pines!

This was definitely a weaker episode. Not much actually happened in it. I did enjoy the story about the young girl, however. It was a mediocre episode.

What did you think of "Exit Strategy"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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