Preacher S1E4 Review

See folks, this is why you should never play paintball outside an official paintball battleground. At the very least, you shouldn't go out to a dangerous swamp

S1E4 'Monster Swamp'


Jesse decides to use his powers to help the church and he decides to do that with the help of Odin Quincannon, the richest and most notorious man in Annville. Jesse first gets a 55 inch flat screen TV for a church raffle and ropes in Odin to the church by offering to sell his father's land. Jesse then reveals that the TV and his land were used only to lure people in to the church. He then uses his power to make Odin a believer of God, which was a very smart move because he showed that if he could convert the most powerful man in the town, he could convert anyone.

Meanwhile, Tulip is upset over the death of one of the girls at the whorehouse during a paintball game with some Quincannon employees, so she decides to beat up the man responsible for her death but she accidentally attacks Cassidy, who was treating himself at the house with some money the angels had given him. Tulip takes him to the hospital but loses him after he runs away, only to find him drinking blood in a nearby room.

It was interesting to see the angels in a dilemma. Right now, it seems obvious that they were in charge of guarding the creature before it escaped into Jesse. Of course, this is just an assumption so I suggest you take my thoughts with a grain of salt.

Jesse's back story was quite nice but I wish they had included more of it in the episode.
I couldn't really tell much from what little they showed. But that's okay because the end scene with Jesse in the church made me more curious about the future of his actions rather than his past.

Quote of the week: 'The world is turning to shit and you know what, it's all your fault'

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