Person of Interest S5E11 Review

Despite many tragedies throughout the season, one sad thing is that even though this episode was filmed many months ago, the topic of compromising privacy for security is still relevant.

S5E11 'Synecdoche'

With Root and Harold gone, the rest of the team is busy working to save POTUS from the threat of an anarchist movement against the President's surveillance laws. While all this was swell, the most interesting part of this episode was towards the end where it is revealed that Reese & Friends aren't the only ones working numbers for the machine, as they are rescued by former POI's, Logan Pierce, Harper Rose and Joey Durban. (Sadly, Leon Tao was not among them)

I found this revelation quite pleasing as it acts as a sort of message given by the Machine to let the team know that the numbers are being taken care of so they could focus on Samaritan while also letting them know that their various efforts are not in vain. At the same time it also gave the fans a little nostalgia before the big finale

Shaw's had it rough this season but Root's death must have been the icing on the cake. Despite refusing to attend her funeral, Shaw showed that she cared about Root through her frustration during the mission. At this point I really hope she gets some form of peace at the end of this show.

Harold's story was interesting as it showed him dealing with his guilt over Root's death and being disturbed by the Machine using Root's voice. In the end the episode shows him taking action against Samaritan. Y trying to use a risky virus named Ice9 against it and even utilising methods he wouldn't normally use such as violence and blackmail on its operatives, letting us viewers know that he is extremely serious in his desire to stop the rogue AI.

Quote of the week: "Rest in peace Cocoa Puffs, God knows you deserve it"

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