Predicting the 2016-17 Season: ABC New Midseason Shows

Now, this will be hard. We don't know time slots for these shows yet, so I've decided that I'll make a few predictions for the shows, consisting of a few different time slots that are plausible for it.

Downward Dog
Downward Dog wasn't meant with the most positive reaction. It's first-look promo on Television Promo's YouTube channel instantly had more down votes than up votes, and Jimmy Kimmel kind of made fun of the show on various occasions during ABC's own upfront. It's a very high-concept show that could be sampled by some dog lovers, though it shouldn't be given a priority time slot. But here are predictions for various time slots anyways:

Sunday Bridge Show: 0.68
Tuesday at 8:30: 0.95
Tuesday at 9:30: 0.87
Wednesday at 8:30: 1.12

Imaginary Mary
ABC looks to be on good terms with Adam F. Goldberg right now (who if you couldn't guess created The Goldbergs). This one has been getting mixed early reactions, and has reminded many of the DOA Angel from Hell, with others criticizing the cast. The good news for Imaginary Mary is it has more of a chance landing a Wednesday time slot than fellow midseason sitcom Downward Dog. It won't be a breakout hit and a renewal would be dependent more on the creator's name. I predict it does OK, not great, not completely DOA.

Sunday Bridge Show: 0.88
Tuesday at 8:30: 1.24
Tuesday at 9:30: 1.02
Wednesday at 8:30: 1.41

Still Star-Crossed
The announcement that Still Star-Crossed would be ordered to series made for a whopping five Shondaland dramas on ABC in the 2016-17 season. Only Dick Wolf has more of a presence currently on broadcast TV (with 4 Chicago shows and 3 Law & Order shows on the rotation). It's described as a Romeo and Juliet sequel story. Judging by early reactions, people didn't ask for this one, and would rather stick with the Shonda Rhimes classics. Here mare my predictions, which may very well even be optimistic in some cases.

Monday at 10: 1.01
Wednesday at 10: 0.96
Thursday at 9: 1.33
Thursday at 10: 0.91

Time After Time
This one is based on legendary author H.G. Wells. Back-in-time shows haven't done the best as of late, so I don't have the greatest of hopes for this one. ABC will be able to have the entire season on its website thanks to the new Warner Brothers deal, but will it make much of a difference? I think it could fit OK with Once Upon a Time (if it indeed does air Sunday at 9), but not so much in another time slot.

Prediction: 0.97

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