UnREAL S2E2 Review

Source: Lifetime
Another week, another jam packed episode of UnREAL.

2x02 - "Insurgent"

Rachel has officially gotten knocked from her pedestal. Quinn and Chet are officially at war. What could get any more catty than that?

We got to know a little more about the contestants: the racist, the football dad's daughter, the blacktivist, and Hot Rachel.

We also got some nudity and some sexual situations where football daughter performs oral sex on Darius's best friend. Scandalous!

Not to mention, Quinn, Rachel, and Chet get knocked down by the network president. The new guy, Coleman, is in town. So much for "Money, Dick, Power".

This episode is more intense than the last one, and I'm loving every moment of it. Be sure to tune in to UnREAL Mondays at 10:00 pm Eastern Time on Lifetime.

Grade: A

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