UnREAL S2E4 Review

Hey folks, this is Jessica, and here's a long overdue review of UnREAL. Monday night's episode was pretty shocking in of itself. Without further ado, here's the synopsis and review of Monday night's episode. 

2x04 - "Treason"
After last week's match was lit off, this week's explosive episode exposed the war between Rachel and Quinn. Quinn finds out about her father's death, and she soon teams up with Chet to sabotage Rachel and Coleman, by nearly paralyzing Darius. 

Rachel then gives Darius an epidural, and then Darius comes back swinging. Ruby gets her time to shine in this episode, and it is glorious. 

Friendships ending seems to be the theme of this episode as Darius fires Romeo as his manager. The best quote from this is this: "You just poisoned the best thing either of us ever had for a television show. And you have to live with that."

To think, Romeo was the only ally in Darius's corner.

Overall, I was pretty shocked about this week's episode. It all gets darker from there.
Grade: A

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