Predicting the 2016-17 Ratings: CBS New Fall Shows

OK, now it's time to write a little analysis predict the ratings for the new CBS fall shows. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Kevin Can Wait
Judging by the trailer, Kevin Can Wait is your typical multi-cam sitcom with your typical multi-cam sitcom plot lines. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. There are many people who still enjoy multi-cams, even if they don't have as much of a presence as they used to. I think it'll start well with its Big Bang Theory lead-in for a few weeks, then settle around the mid 1s.

Prediction: 1.77

Man with a Plan
CBS will be premiering 3 new comedies this season, and this is the only one that won't enjoy some Big Bang Theory exposure. My guess is CBS thinks Matt LeBlanc is enough of a name that it doesn't need that type of exposure. But the fact that he was one of the Friends doesn't exactly mean this will be a huge success. From the trailer it looks very similar to Kevin Can Wait, and as mentioned already won't enjoy any boosts from Big Bang.

Prediction: 1.39

Bull is a very safe entry for CBS; it stars NCIS's Michael Weatherly and is based on the life of Dr. Phil. It'll also be airing after NCIS. It'll lose a portion of that NCIS audience, but won't really be a flop. Should do fine.

Prediction: 1.52

The Great Indoors
The Great Indoors is another multi-cam from CBS, and will get to spend its entire season after The Big Bang Theory on Thursdays. It's not a family sitcom like Kevin Can Wait and Man with a Plan, and will be more compatible than Life in Pieces. I think it should manage to do fine in raw ratings, thanks to the time slot.

Prediction: 2.02

MacGyver actually has more down votes than up votes on its official YouTube trailer. That's something you don't see often, unless your show is named Bordertown. Movie remakes haven't done too well lately, to say the least, and this one will be airing on Friday, starting off the night. It won't be a gigantic flop, but it also won't be enough to warrant bumping The Amazing Race's spring cycle.

Prediction: 0.88

Pure Genius
I honestly don't see Pure Genius doing all that well airing after Life in Pieces. I think CBS should have stuck with only one medical drama. Maybe they hope some people will change the channel from NBC once Chicago Med is over, though.

Prediction: 1.13

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