Wayward Pines S2E5 Review

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This week concludes the first half of the season of Wayward Pines. Not much has happened so far this season. Will that change tonight?

S2E5 "Sound the Alarm"

David Pilcher appears this week, as in the past he convinces Rebecca to help him create Wayward Pines. She is on board surprisingly quickly. The abbie that entered Wayward Pines turns out to be a female, which means they have to put a shirt on it, even though it looks extremely similar to the males. It also means other things, which make Megan and the other scientist very excited to find clues about the abbies.

The brother that we met last week has an appointment in procreation, which is extremely awkward. Meanwhile, after an odd little scene with Arlene, Theo demands to be in charge of the abbie research, which Megan is very angry about. He thinks of them as more human than the others think of them as.

Rebecca meets with Pilcher's team, where Megan soaks up his every word. The feeling at the dinner is very cult-like. The brother meets with Theo, where Theo brings up the possibility that the brother may be gay, which he at first doesn't understand. Apparently they kill people who can't have children. Another big piece of information is dropped when it is revealed that Rebecca and Xander are married.

Theo is very angry about Rebecca and Xander. Megan talks to an abbie, which is really odd, as she reminds herself at the end that the abbies are just animals. Something strange is happening at the end of the episode when the abbies carry torches of fire. Before, they were afraid of fire. What is going on?

There were hints of the storyline with the brother getting interesting, but it didn't get as much focus as I would have liked. Overall, it was a mediocre episode.

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