UnREAL S2E3 Review

Let me tell you, this episode was on fire! Things are heating up on the set of Everlasting, and it's only going to get better from there!

2x03 - "Guerilla"

This episode started off with an obstacle course, with Chet failing to persuade Darius to go on the obstacle course and demonstrate.

It all gets better from there. Now Donald Trump's campaign slogan "Make America Great Again" has made it onto the scripted airwaves! Thanks Beth Ann.

Unfortunately, Chantal got a concussion and established psychopath Brandi gets hauled off to confinement in reality TV jail. Ouch!

Not to mention, Brandi apparently two-times Darius or was set up for humiliation as Quinn brings in Brandi's mother. It all escalated from there!

There was an attempt at a cat fight between Ruby and Beth Ann. 

Quinn was on fire the entire episode. I loved how she came up with those one liners like lightning. 

The cliffhanger setting up the next episode...oh my gosh! Rachel and Coleman were having a makeout session, but Quinn is not having it. Betrayal stings, folks! Especially when your misogynistic network president outs the setup to your face. 

Overall, I loved this episode. I mean, I really loved it! It's only getting better from there.

Grade: A+

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