Sunday Ratings - Celebrity Family Feud Hits Low (FINALS UPDATE)

America's Funniest Videos (R) - 0.6
Celebrity Family Feud - 1.6
The $100,000 Pyramid (P) - 1.7
Match Game (P) - 1.5

60 Minutes (R) - 0.8
Big Brother - 1.6
Madam Secretary (R) - 0.3
American Gothic (R) - 0.3

U.S. Olympic Trials - Diving - 0.7
U.S. Olympic Trials - Swimming - 1.0
P&G Championship - 1.4

Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life (F) - 0.3
Bob's Burgers (R) - 0.4
The Simpsons (R) - 0.6
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (R) - 0.5
Family Guy (R) - 0.6
The Last Man on Earth (R) - 0.4

Finals Update: Things got a little better for Big Brother (1.6) and Celebrity Family Feud (1.6) both adjusting up and both avoiding new series lows.

On ABC, the season debut of Celebrity Family Feud (1.5) got off to a ugly start hitting a new low, this is especially surprising considering recent repeats have been in the 1.1-1.2 range, but it was likely hurt by the BET awards and with a 1.4/1.7 half-hour breakdown it is likely adjusting up. The $100,000 Pyramid (1.7) picked up the slack building on Feud and Match Game (1.5) also had an impressive start. CBS saw Big Brother (1.5) hit a new series low sandwiched between a repeat of 60 Minutes (0.8) at 7 and disasterous repeats of Madam Secretary (0.3) and American Gothic (0.3) following it. NBC had Olympic Trials with Diving (0.7) not doing so hot but Swimming (1.0) and Gymnastics (1.4) picking up the slack. And FOX punted it out with one last Cooper Barrett burnoff (0.3) and repeats of Bob's Burgers (0.4), The Simpsons (0.6), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (0.5), Family Guy (0.6), and The Last Man on Earth (0.4). FOX will hope these repeats improve with Cooper out of the picture.

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