Wayward Pines S2E2 Review

Coming into the season, I was unsure if it would retain the quality of season one, and after last week I remained unsure. Maybe this week will be the test.

S2E2 "Blood Harvest"

The abbies make a pile and head over the fence; they are smarter this season than last season, but slower. Kerry is attacked, but saved by Jason.

Theo discovers the truth, and is finally completely reunited with Rebecca. The way that he bargains for this things show how rebellious and confident he is. Theresa is back this week, watching Theo and Rebecca from across the street.

Theo ends up beginning work as a doctor, and he meets Arlene. She refers to her "tune up" that we saw last week, which is really odd.

Theresa is concerned about Ben and wants to meet with Theo. Theo becomes a more likable character when he takes his job seriously and makes a great comment to Jason about how Jason can't do his job.

Theo's position in the town is discussed, and he really has a lot of power, being the doctor. Ben is still alive outside, and he has some words for his mother and then for Jason.

The idea of how first generation shouldn't harm first generation comes up, but Jason justifies his actions by saying that the abbies harmed Ben, not him. Also, strangely, the abbies are staying away from Wayward Pines now.

While Theo showed signs of becoming an interesting character, the rest of the new cast is proving to be much less entertaining than last year's cast. This was an alright episode.

What did you think of "Blood Harvest"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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