UnREAL S2E1 Review

Hey folks, this is Jessica. I am the author of the CW Renew/Cancel Watch and Jess's Take. This summer, I have unexpectedly came across Lifetime's UnREAL on the interwebs, so I decided, why not review the second season premiere? Now before I review this gem, here's a little background information. UnREAL parodies what happens behind the scenes of dating shows like ABC's The Bachelor. Now, here we go!

2x01 - "War"
For preparation of season 14 of Everlasting, Quinn promotes Rachel to the showrunner position after she kicks out her ex-lover and ex-boss Chet. The season starts out with the two ladies getting matching tattoos that spell out "Money. Dick. Power.". The power move for the new season is to have the very first black suitor, a football player with a tarnished reputation. The contestants include Beth Ann who has a bikini made out of the Confederate flag (the hot racist), Ruby (a blacktivist), and a terrorist.

In the premiere episode, Chet is crafted as the male adversary, hence declaring war on Quinn. Rachel gets knocked down in the process, despite the fact that the plan was for a female to climb to the top in a male-dominated field.

Enough with the summary part, folks. Now I can get to the point where I grade this episode. To be honest, I am more hooked with this episode than I was when Supernatural aired its eleventh season finale.

The best part was when Rachel becomes Quinn 2.0. That was hilarious.

I also love that the show brilliantly parodies what goes on behind the scenes of a dating show. Trust me, this is entertaining TV you don't want to miss.

Grade: A

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