Preacher S1E2 Review

Don't you just hate it when your arm gets cut off with a chainsaw?

S1E2 'See'

 After Jesse decided to stay in Annville, he started his quest of salvation by providing his church followers with baptisms. However he still doesn't feel a sense of accomplishment especially after hearing out one of his followers talking about a little girl(pedo alert). Deciding to drown his problems with booze, Jesse hangs out with Cassidy in the church. However he drinks a powerful concoction created by Cassidy and passes out and gives Cassidy a chance to steal his wallet and get some more alcohol. But this left Jesse vulnerable to the two men who were going after the creature inside Jesse. Fortunately Cassidy arrived in time before they could cut Jesse open with a chainsaw. Cassidy engages in an epic fight with the two men with the final out come being his victory after killing them both with their own chainsaw.

Jesse later wakes up unaware of the previous night's events and goes to meet a pessimistic woman and her comatose daughter. Meeting them inspires Jesse to get rid of his feeling of helplessness so he decides to deal with the pedo. He breaks into his house and drowns him in boiling water while telling him to forget the little girl he was thinking about. But when he tells the pedo to forget her, he says it using his new power and the man actually forgets about the girl which leads Jesse to wonder what is happening to him. Realising his power of persuasion could be put to good use, he tries to wake the comatose girl.

I'm glad to see that Preacher has not lost its momentum from the pilot. Usually second episodes aren't so great but this one had a lot to offer. I'm glad to see that Jesse is finally aware of his dilemma but at the same time I am worried about Tulip's story. All she did in the episode was just try to get Jesse to help her in her quest. If she didn't have such an interesting personality, I would have found her actions to be annoying. Lastly, I want to talk about Cassidy who had my complete attention thanks to his humour and fighting capabilities. The church fight scene was definitely the highlight of this episode.

I know I usually keep a quote of the week but for this episode I have a brand new segment.

Conversation of the week:
Jesse: "I like the big lebowski"
Cassidy: "No, it's shite"

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