Person of Interest S5E1 Review

Welcome to the first issue of the final season reviews for Person of Interest. I know this post is a little late but at this point, just think of this as a recap in case you have forgotten about the events of this episode.

S5E1 "B.S.O.D."

Back in 2006, Harold converses with the machine and realises that it is now trying to involve itself in his personal matters. He talks to Nathan and Grace about it and decides to place a program within the machine's memory to erase it's ram every 24 hours, a decision he would come to regret.

Back in the present, Harold Reese and Root are on the run from Samaritan and it's operatives, finding no solace in the quest to reach their abandoned subway headquarters. Reese and Finch meet up at a ferry and notice that the machines briefcase is running out of battery and is now on reserve. They successfully make it to the subway and attempt to revive the machine. Reese goes out to find Root while Harold works on the Machine. Unfortunately the Machine suddenly starts to decompress without enough processing power so Harold tries to shut it down but ends up getting electrocuted while the Machine catches on fire.

Meanwhile, Root goes to seek refuge and assistance from Bela, a Russian hacker who she saved from Russian intelligence. Root goes to his stolen electronics warehouse while being pursued by Samaritan agents and gets Belas guards to remove the agents off his premises. Root asks Bela to get her a new identity since her current one was compromised.  Since Root had helped him before, Bela agreed to make things even between them, but soon gets a call from Samaritan who gives him an offer he couldn't refuse. So basically, Bela betrays Root but then gets betrayed by Samaritan who has him executed by its agents. Root gets into a fight with the agents until Reese shows up to help her. After the fight, Root and Reese steal some PS3's from the warehouse and take them for the Machine as their collective processors could withstand the massive amounts of data used by the machine. They come back to the subway to find an unconscious Harold and a burning machine. Reese extinguishes the fire and realise that the machine will soon die unless they so not act quickly. They set up the PS3's and allow the machine to decompress but the newly built system starts to overheat, so Reese quickly steals some liquid nitrogen from a nearby store and cools down the Machine, allowing it to successfully decompress and return to its original state.

Lastly, we focus on Fusco, who is slowly becoming aware of Samaritans presence. After the events of the last season where Dominic and Elias are murdered under Fusco's supervision by a Samaritan sniper, Fusco gets in trouble with internal affairs, who suspects him of killing the now deceased crime lords. But the FBI (,I mean Samaritan) intervenes and instead congratulates Fusco for killing them. After helping Reese find Root, Fusco goes back to the scene of the crime and finds a bullet used by the sniper, which gets him labelled by Samaritan as a possible disturbance.

I'm so glad the show is back after so long. A year is a long time to wait. I actually forgot what happened in the 4th season finale but fortunately the show included flashbacks to inform us.
I was very impressed with the use of PS3's to save the Machine. Sure theyre outdated, but they can still be used to build supercomputers. If you don't believe me, here's a link:

I felt that this was a great way to start the end of this amazing saga. The flashbacks to 2006 helped me understand Harold and the machine a little better and the present showed how much trouble they are all in, with the end providing us with a little bit of hope. I'm looking forward to Team Machine's upcoming retaliation.

Quote of the week: I'm so sorry. Now I'm the one that's failed you.

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