Mom S3E20 Review

A West Wing actor makes an appearance on this episode of Mom.

S3E20 "Pure Evil and a Free Piece of Cheesecake"

At the start of the episode, Christy is nervous about her grades being posted, and Bonnie is hilariously not much support, and Christy is superstitious. She is surprised when she makes the dean's list, and there are some funny remarks about this.

Christy gets angry at Bonnie for selling her short, and they get into a huge argument. There are some hilarious moments, such as Bonnie's remark that Christy has slept next to people who don't value her before, and when Christy reads out her report card comments from elementary school.

Christy and Bonnie both go wedding dress shopping with Violet, and they end up getting in a hilarious fight there. This is followed by a hilarious meeting, which Jill is excited about. In the meeting, Bonnie eventually admits that she is jealous of Christie.

Christy and Bonnie contemplate what Bonnie would be good at, and hilariously settle on politics. Bonnie then imagines what it would be like if she were president, which was not only funny in itself, but contained references to The West Wing.

While the episode involved a lot of yelling, it was so filled with great lines that it worked. And, the directing was great. This was a great episode.

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