Jane the Virgin S2E20 Review

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Jane and Michael's wedding is only a couple of weeks away, but there is much drama to be had before we get there.

S2E20 "Chapter Forty-Two"

In the past, Villanueva mother's days have always included pajamas, ice cream, and binge watching telenovelas. Jane plans to continue this tradition for her first mother's day, but the plans are changed when Petra invites the family to a mother's day brunch. Jane discovers the ad that Petra's sister put in the school paper, and figures out that it was her who wrote it. Also, Michael works as Rogelio's security advisor, and it is hilarious.

Jane talks to Petra about her sister, and there is a hilarious joke about her having learned to wear deodorant. Jane trains Rogelio to be more intellectual, and that is really entertaining. Rafael's brother forces Rafael to sell him the hotel Rafael just bought for a dollar. Rogelio makes Michael the technical advisor for his show, and he becomes excited about it. Jane's earlier comments around Petra's sister causes Petra to defend her sister, which is not good for Jane.

Petra's sister acts like an innocent child, resulting in an increase in the tension between them. Jane goes to Dina's birthday dinner to help Rogelio, and things go well until her phone autocorrects NATO to Nazi. Everyone puts on fake smiles to handle the awkward mother's day brunch. Jane asks Rafael what is going on with him and his brother, and he explains. Rogelio presents a video the family made for Jane for mother's day. Petra's sister makes a very nice toast for Petra. However, Jane ends up bringing up the ad again, and Petra's sister has a seizure.

Petra's sister reveals that she did post the ad, and Jane is now angry with Petra for having lied this entire time. Michael apologizes to Rogelio for getting too technical, and then makes a realization regarding the case based on the telenovela. Then, there is a very telenovela moment where Petra's sister poses as Petra. Petra, meanwhile, comes up with a plan to outsmart Rafael's brother, who, it is revealed, is working with his mother.

This was a great episode. There were some great funny moments, and great stories.

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