2020-21 Drama Scorecard (3/27-4/8): Did MacGyver Deserve Its Callous Cancellation?

 Last week, CBS made the unfortunate announcement MacGyver after 5 seasons.  This announcement blindsided fans, as well as renewal predictions as it was prior listed as a Certain Renewal.  Though MacGyver's ratings were middling, they were solid and helped CBS retain a stronghold on an undesirable evening.  The network has been one of the most tired and predictable among the five players, relying too heavily on outdated procedurals and canned laughter sitcoms.  It appears CBS is ready to renovate their house as they already axed sturdy players NCIS: New Orleans and MacGyver.  Both were not standout performers but met the benchmark for passable and held value for viewers.  Both had potential to run for an additional two seasons had they been permitted.

The question remains if it is worse to have shows tragically taken too soon like MacGyver, or overstay their welcome and rot on the schedule like NBC's The Blacklist?  CBS has a history of drastic revamps dating back to 50 years ago when The Rural Purge took out 9 shows with country themes in favor of updated and socially relevant shows.  They also performed a similar revamp in 2001 with the breakout success of shows like procedural CSI and reality-based Survivor.  As head-scratching as these moves are, it could lead to excitement and fresh blood come fall 2021.

Notice a few more entries in the chart?  TVRG widened the net for tracked seasonal data from September 21, 2020 to September 6, 2020.  NBC also unveiled modest Manifest and sturdy Law and Order: Organized Crime, and ABC limped out of the gate with Rebel.

The "Final Season" vs "Cancelled" classification has been a topic among readers given shows since December have been declared their last season since December.  On this chart, NCIS: New Orleans was prior listed as "Final Season" due to being ended early enough to facilitate a proper ending.  However, CW declared final seasons long before 4 of their shows launched.  The classification for "Final Season" now requires the shows are to be announced ending prior to the season launch.

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