Marietta Season 3 Episode 24 - Going to the Chapel?

Marietta Season 3 Episode 24
Going to the Chapel?

Marietta runs into Martin and Patty Lynn’s house.

Marietta: I’m not gonna be here long, I’m just here to drop off Sarah. Danny and I have plans tonight.

Martin: Honey… it’s Friday. Sarah’s already here.

Sarah: Hi, auntie!

Marietta: My god, where is my head at?

Sarah: You lost it a while ago.

Marietta: Thanks, you’re too kind.

Sarah: You’re welcome!

Patty Lynn: I was hoping you were going to take Sarah early today.

Sarah: Wooooow, grandma. That stings.

Patty Lynn: We have plans.

Kathleen: Plans? What plans?

Martin: I would also like to know.

Sarah: This just looks worse and worse for you.

Patty Lynn: We’re gonna watch the new episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race tonight.

Sarah: I love RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Patty Lynn: You let her watch RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Marietta: I let her watch whatever she wants to. I’m not you.

Patty Lynn: That was cruel and you knew that was cruel.

Marietta: Okay, I gotta get going.

Kathleen: Run while you still can.

Marietta: I’ll see you guys in a few hours!

Sarah: RuPaul’s Drag Race is on until ten. Be here before eight or be prepared to stay until ten.

Marietta: I’m glad you’ll miss me.

Two hours later…

Marietta: This restaurant is lovely, Danny. I can’t believe I’ve never been here before.

Danny: I think it’s pretty new. They just built it a few years ago when you were still spending most of your time in DC.

Marietta: Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. I was pretty busy back then, wasn’t I? Quite preoccupied.

Danny: You still are, but you’re home. You belong in New Orleans.

Marietta: I do. Louisiana may be filled with actual swamps, but nothing tops the swampiness of DC. The energy of New Orleans and Capitol Hill couldn’t be more different. I feel more alive now. Of course, I do still feel a bit of rage any time Milton mentions being a US Senator.

Danny: I feel more alive now, too. Much happier, too. It’s because you’re back in my life.

Marietta: That’s sweet. I’m sure it had more to do with the fact that you’re sleeping in a bed now and not in a tent in the middle of Africa.

Danny: Sierra Leone is actually on the western side of Africa, but I get the point. Anyway, my life is so much better because you are in it.

Danny stands up.

Marietta: What are you doing? You don’t need to get up to get the waiter, he’ll come back and we can give him our appetizer order.

Danny bends down on one knee.

Danny: Marietta, you have made my life fun again. You’ve made me happy again. I’m feeling things I haven’t felt since we first got married.

Marietta: Uh-huh. Are you okay? You need help getting back up, I see you took a fall there.

Danny: Marietta, will you do me the honor of being my wife again? Will you marry me?

Marietta: Thank you.

Danny: Thank you?

Marietta: Thank you.

Danny: What does thank you mean? Yes?

Marietta: I need to use the bathroom. Excuse me.

In the bathroom, Marietta calls Tammy.

Tammy: Marietta, what’s wrong? Make it quick, Mitch and I are about to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Marietta: Does everyone I know watch that show?

Tammy: No, I think we all just use it as an excuse to avoid you, because what the hell else airs on Friday nights? Blue Bloods? I’m old but not THAT old.

Marietta: That was just mean.

Tammy: What’s up?

Marietta: I’m in a bit of a bind. A lot of a bind. The bindiest bind of them all.

Tammy: Did you tweet out a video of you making fun of the President again? I told you, you can’t go on Twitter when you’re halfway through a bottle of prosecco.

Marietta: I’m at dinner with Danny.

Tammy: Right, you talked about it at work today. When we were trying to get things done. You were very distracting.

Marietta: Yeah. Uh, Danny did something today.

Tammy: Did Danny tweet a video of you making fun of POTUS?

Marietta: No, it’s nothing about POTUS.

Tammy: Then what did he do? Order food for you again? Tell him to knock it off.

Marietta: Denny proposed to me and said “thank you” and I am currently calling from a bathroom stall.

Tammy: Wow. You sure did get into a bind.

Marietta: What the hell am I gonna do?

Tammy: We should get another opinion, because I am lost. Conference call?

Marietta: Conference call?

Tammy: Okay, I’ll add the girls.

Marietta: What girls?

Amy: Hey, what’s up? I’m just watching Ru-

Marietta: Don’t even say RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Kate: What are you guys up to?

Ellie: Thanks for inviting me to the girl chat, Tammy!

Tammy: Oh crap, I accidentally added Ellie.

Ellie: Excuse me?

Tammy: Just kidding, you bitch.

Ellie: I feel the love!

Kate: So what’s this group call about?

Tammy: Marietta is in crisis, we need your advice. Well, not yours, Amy. You’re just here so I don’t have to explain this to you separately tomorrow.

Kate: Tammy’s gotten quite hateful.

Tammy: Always have been!

Ellie: It’s true.

Marietta: I’m standing in the bathroom, Tammy. Can you hurry up this airing of my dirty laundry?Tammy: Danny proposed to Marietta and all she said was “thank you” before she ran off to the bathroom.

Kate: Marietta!

Marietta: I know! It’s bad! I just didn’t know what to do.

Kate: I’m used to you being so much more mature and responsible. This is something I’d expect Ellie or Tammy to do.

Ellie: We are both happily married, thank you very much.

Kate: I’m not saying you’d walk out on a proposal. I’m saying you’d walk out when asked a tough question you don’t want to answer.

Tammy: We’d definitely do that, you’re right.

Ellie: Marietta, let’s get to the root of the problem.

Marietta: What do you need to know?

Ellie: Do you love Danny?

Marietta: He’s the father of my child and I was married to him for almost thirty years, of course I love him.

Amy: That’s such a cop-out answer.

Marietta: It’s true!

Ellie: Are you in love with him?

Marietta: Next question, please.

Ellie: Do you want to be married to him?

Marietta: I don’t know!

Ellie: That doesn’t sound like a yes! That translates to a “no” in my book.

Amy: You’re so harsh!

Marietta: It isn’t a no, though. I don’t know. We’ve had a lot of fun these past few months. I like being with him.

Kate: Let me say something in a less harsh way than Ellie. I don’t see how you could be ready to get married. You like being with him. You love him because he was your husband for thirty tars. You don’t know if you want to be married or if you’re in love. None of that reads to me as being ready to marry someone.

Ellie: You’re all gonna agree with her, but when I say it I ge-

Tammy: I agree with Kate, if I’m being honest. Marietta, you’re hiding in the bathroom to avoid him. You’re not ready.

Amy: I concur with all of this.

Ellie: Shut up, Amy.

Amy: Yes, Ellie.

Marietta: Okay. I’m going to say something to you guys that I usually only say to Kate. That actually helped me. Thank you.

Kate: Honey, are you crying? You sound like you are. Are you okay?

Marietta: No. I don’t want to break his heart but I know I have to. Especially in front of all of these people. It’s cruel.

Kate: Don’t do it tonight. Tell him you need time to think about it. Then you can see him tomorrow and let him down privately. You don’t need this out in the open where everyone can see.

Marietta: You’re right. You’re so wise.

Kate: Many people are saying this.

Marietta: Okay, girls. Talk to you later. Bye!

Marietta walks out of the bathroom stall and goes back to the table.

Marietta: Danny, I’m so sorry. I’m feeling so sick all of the sudden. My stomach is completely rotten. I’m gonna have to go home. I’ll pay you back for the drink tomorrow.

Danny: Okay. You’ve been acting strange so I figured something was up. I’ll see you tomorrow. At your mom and dad’s for dinner, right?

Marietta: Yeah, sure. See ya then.

The next day, at Martin and Patty Lynn’s…

Tammy: So, Marietta, how’d he take it? You let him down easy, right?

Sarah: Let who down easy?

Marietta: Sarah, go talk to your father.

Sarah: I don’t want to, he’s talking about politics. Bleh.

Marietta: Then go talk to Aunt Kathleen.

Sarah: She’s talking to dad.

Marietta: Find someone. Ask Henrietta what breastfeeding’s like for all I care.

Sarah: Okay, sounds fun!

Tammy: You didn’t answer my question.

Marietta: He’s comi-

Milton: Look, Danny’s here!

Moira: Did we know he was coming? It looks like the table is only set up for all of us here.

Patty Lynn: I knew he was coming. I didn’t think you were coming

Moira: Milton didn’t tell you I was coming?

Kathleen: She just didn’t listen. She never does.

Danny: So nice to see you guys! Traffic was terrible!

Martin: Still? It was bad when I ran to the shore this afternoon but that was four hours ago.

Danny: It might be something different going on.

Martin: Probably. I didn’t see them talking about any accidents on the news.

Kathleen: Oh my god, we need to move to a different conversation. Any other conversation.

Sarah: Well don’t ask Henrietta about breastfeeding. For some reason she doesn’t want to talk about it!

Henrietta: Why does she want to know so bad?

Marietta: She’s a messed-up kid. It’s the 21st Century, she’s seen some shit.

Henrietta: She’s only four years younger than me. I wasn’t asking about that stuff when I was her age.

Eliza: Honey…

Henrietta: Okay, fine. I may not be the right person to raise this concern.

Danny: I think we should move on from whatever this is. Marietta, how are you feeling today? I know you didn’t feel well yesterday.

Amy: Yes, she was so sick yesterday. So deathly ill.

Danny: How would you know, Amy? 

Amy: Women’s intuition.

Patty Lynn: You were sick last night? Why didn’t you tell me?

Marietta: I just wanted to get home.

Patty Lynn: I get how you feel! I wish I would’ve known, though. I could’ve made my special soup.

Kathleen: It’s the only soup in the world so disgusting that it makes whatever ailment you have seem not that bad in comparison.

Patty Lynn: It’s just a little strong. It tastes good.

Martin: It does not.

Amy: Can we stop talking about sickness? It makes me feel sick when other people talk about being sick.

Milton: Everyone keeps trying to redirect the conversations tonight. I thought that was my thing.

Moira: It usually is.

Patty Lynn: Dinner’s ready! I hope you’re all hungry!

Marietta: I sure am! I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. Because I was sick, you know.

Amy: You know Marietta’s sick if she doesn’t eat! I’ve seen her inhale a sixteen-piece chicken family meal from Popeye’s in about three minutes.

Marietta: I was very hungry that day. I felt like one of those poor old people that had a colonoscopy and had a fully empty stomach.

Milton: Don’t say that as if you haven’t had one yourself.

Marietta: I’m not old enough.

Milton: Something she hasn’t been able to say about anything in at least twenty years.

Marietta: At least I don’t need to wear a toupee.

Milton: I don’t wear a toupee!

Marietta: I know, I just couldn’t think of a good comeback.

In the dining room, twenty minutes later…

Danny: Marietta, I know you weren’t feeling well last night and I don’t know if you even remember this, so I’m gonna go again.

Tammy: Oh god! Mitch, shield me!

Mitch: From what?

Tammy: You’ll see.

Amy: She sure doesn’t remember.

Tammy: Shut up, Amy.

Danny: Marietta, I can’t imagine my life withou-

Marietta: Can we talk?

Eliza: Henrietta, let’s go in another room.

Henrietta: I want to see this play out!

Elena: Listen to your mother.

Marietta: No, we’ll go in another room.

Danny: Yes, I think we need to do that.

Danny and Marietta leave.

Patty Lynn: So, is everyone enjoying the chicken?

Kathleen: This is chicken?

Patty Lynn: You’re very rude.

Martin: Sweetie, I think you’re confused. This is turkey.

Patty Lynn: Huh.

Sarah: Is this the sort of conversation that old people find exciting?

Milton: No one could possibly find this exciting.

In the other room…

Danny: Is there something wrong? You’re acting so strange the past two days.

Marietta:  Danny, I wasn’t sick yesterday.

Danny: Why did you lie?

Marietta: I’m so sorry. This is so hard to say.

Danny: You can just tell me.

Marietta: Danny, I don’t want to be married to you again. I’ve loved reconnecting with you again and I feel like we’re in a really good place, but I’m just not ready. I’m not at the point where I can say that I think we’re meant to be together forever. It’s only been a few months. If you’re going to propose, I can’t accept it.

Danny: I don’t know what to say.

Marietta: That’s why it was so hard for me to say this. I don’t want to hurt you. I love you, but I don’t know if I’m in love with you.

Danny: Is this how it’s gonna end?

Marietta: I don’t want it to end.

Danny: I think we both know it has to.

Marietta: I know, but I don’t want it to.

Danny: What are you going to tell everyone?

Marietta: The truth and nothing but. You’re a great guy, but I’m just not ready to be married again. I need to be independent and live life for myself for right now. Not for anyones else.

Danny: Thank you for everything, Marietta.

Marietta: Have a good life, Danny.

Danny: I’ll see you in six months.

Marietta: You know a Cheers reference always cheers me up.

Danny: I liked the pun.

Marietta: What pun?

Danny: Oh, Marietta. Never change.

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