Our House Season 3 Finale - Our Recovery

Our House Season 3, Episode 22
Our Recovery

Two weeks after the events of the previous episode…

Betty: It feels so strange without Cindy here.

Karl: It hasn’t really felt like home without her.

Ralph: Look on the bright side, you guys. She’s out of her coma now. She’ll be back here to drive us crazy soon enough.

Teri: Wow, it feels so weird to be going to work today. I haven’t been at work since the accident.

Betty: Have you showered since the accident?

Teri: I was going through a traumatic time, you know that.

Betty: I gave birth to her but I showered.

Teri: I showered!

Velma: Can you two stop? Some people are trying to work!

Teri gets up and slams Velma’s office door closed.

Velma (muffled): Thank you!

Teri: That solves that problem for today.

Tammi: Speaking of problems, I don’t have any more time off because this family vacations more than the average celebrity and all of my days are used up now. So, could you guys make sure Steven wakes up at a reasonable hour and make sure he has something to do? I’m going to be up in my office all day catching up on everything I missed.

Danielle: Don’t you have a husband for that? I need to work, too.

Tammi: He’s at work.

Teri: School ended weeks ago. Did he move out because you’re getting divorced? Finally! Lasted a few years longer than I expected, actually.

Tammi: You saw him last night at dinner.

Teri: I don’t pay attention to him.

Tammi: My goodness.

Karl: We’ll watch Steven.

Tammi: Thank you!

Mitchell: Has anyone seen Jerry lately?

Tammi: He’s been at the hospital with mom. They try to make him leave but he won’t.

Teri: Duh.

Danielle: The power of love is a curious thing.

Teri: Okay, Huey Lewis.

Betty: I think I’ll go visit Cindy today.

Teri: You go every day, you don’t have to announce it anymore.

Betty: You don’t have to be rude about it.

Karl: Are you going to wait for me this time? You left while I was in the shower yesterday.

Betty: How was I supposed to know you wanted to go with?

Karl: I said “I’m going in the shower and then we can go see Cindy.”

Betty: This is a traumatic time, you know that!

Teri: I don’t want to hear it and neither does dad!

Karl: Speaking of dad… Ralph, you’re watching Steven. while your mother and I are at the hospital.

Ralph: I really thought you were gonna ask Teri to do it at the start of that sentence.

Teri: I have to work!

Ralph: Sure ya do. 

At the hospital…

Karl: Jerry, why are you still in the waiting room?

Jerry: They wouldn’t let me go in there before visiting hours begin at 8.

Karl: It’s nine!

Jerry: I fell asleep out here. All I have to do here is read People magazine and watch CNN, obviously sleeping was my best option.

Betty: People magazine and CNN? That’s the life!

Jerry: You do like simple things, that’s right.

Betty: Can we go in and see my daughter now? I didn’t come here to be made fun of for liking my celebrity tabloids and Erin Burnett.

Jerry: There’s still a two person limit. I think we can break it though. They probably won’t mind.

Karl: It’s a three-person limit, by the way.

Jerry: I haven’t been home to sleep in weeks, it’s clearly starting to wear on my brain. I don’t sleep more than an hour straight at this place.

Betty: Oh, Jerry. Don’t blame lack of sleep for you acting exactly how you always do.

Jerry: You’re confusing me with Frank.

Betty: You’re right, I am so sorry. It’s the lack of sleep.

Karl: You need to stop stealing other people’s excuses.

In Cindy’s room…

Cindy: You’re a little late, Jerry.

Jerry: What? No, I’m not. I’m here the same time as any other.

Cindy: The nurse came in to give me my nine AM pills.

Jerry: Okay, I’m late.

Cindy: Don’t gaslight me, Jerry.

Betty: You know, for what you’ve gone through, your mind is still pretty sharp.

Cindy: I feel fine mentally. The rest of me, though… not quite.

Betty: What’s wrong?

Cindy: You see, I was in a car accident. That tends to cause you some pain.

Betty: I know! What are you feeling right now?

Cindy: Like I have a broken pelvis.

Betty: Someone’s in a bad mood today.

Karl: She’s in the hospital. How are you expecting her to feel?

Betty: I just didn’t expect her to be such a grumpypants.

Cindy: I can’t move without feeling excruciating pain, mom.

Betty: I feel for you. I want to help make you feel better. How do I do that?

Jerry: Take a breather, maybe.

Cindy: What Jerry said

Betty: All right, I’ll just sit here. Maybe I’ll play Candy Crush. Maybe I’ll get one of those People magazines Jerry told me about.

Cindy: They only have the newest edition. I’ve read it like six times, I know everything there is to know about Harry and Meghan’s baby, Marie Osmond’s secret struggle and the new CSI revival coming out. Ask me anything.

Betty: I thought I was supposed to be quiet.

Cindy: I was only joking, why would you care about any of that?

Karl: She cares a lot about celebrities. And CSI.

Betty: I’m going to get the magazine if no one will tell me what’s in it.

Cindy: Can I ask something?

Betty: Of course you can! As long as I’m allowed to answer it.

Cindy: Everyone’s come to see me except for one person. Where has my son been? Doesn’t he care?

Jerry: Zeke went to get some help.

Cindy: What?

Jerry: He went to rehab. He got into a blowout fight with Tammi after your accident because she blamed him for it and he went and stayed at Amelia’s for a few days.

Betty: He didn’t tell us where he was and I got so worried about him that I thought I was having a heart attack.

Karl: I took her to the emergency room.

Betty: It was a panic attack. Teri tried to tell me, but I wouldn't listen.

Jerry: Anyway, Amelia came by the house to tell us he was with her. I went and talked with Zeke and told him what happened with your mom and talked about the Tammi situation and we decided together that it was best for him to go back to rehab.

Cindy: It didn’t work for him last time. What if it fails again? We just waste a bunch of money again.

Jerry: I figured it’s worth a shot. He needs help.

Betty: You’re going to get better together. You here at the hospital and Zeke at rehab.

Cindy: The last thing I said to him was that his drinking was going to kill me. What if I would’ve died in that car crash? That would’ve been the last thing I ever said to my son.

Betty: Technically you would’ve been right, then.

Cindy: You’ve been spending too much time with Teri.

There is a knock at the door. Cindy’s doctor, Dr. Wexford, enters.

Dr. Wexford: How are you on this fine morning?

Cindy: My family’s here, so, you know.

Betty: So you’re feeling great?

Cindy: We’ll go with that!

Dr. Wexford: Cindy, we’re going to get you started on something new today.

Cindy: You’re worrying me now. I take a lot of medicine already.

Dr. Wexford: It’s not medicine, you take plenty of that already. I’m going to get you started on physical therapy.

Cindy: Already? I just got out of my coma two days ago.

Dr. Wexford: I gave you a day more of rest than I give most patients. It’s time. The faster we get to this, the faster you’re discharged and the faster you can move on your own again.

Cindy: So my family needs to leave now? So I can do… physical therapy?

Dr. Wexford: They don’t have to leave, but it’ll be a long wait for them.

Cindy: You guys can go. Jerry, you need to get home anyway. Hospital food is terrible, eat something good.

Dr. Wexford: Hey! Don’t say something so true so close to where the nurses can hear you. They’ll start giving less of our delicious food!

Betty: Good luck with your therapy, honey!

Cindy: Hey, before you go. Tell my cousin to get his butt down here. Velma told me he came to see me a bunch of times while I was in a coma but not once since I got out of it! Just because he knows I’m going to be okay doesn’t mean he gets to stay in bed all day and sleep!

Karl: He’s been very busy working.

Cindy: Oh my god, Mitchell got a job? How long was I in that coma?

One week later…

Velma: How has Cindy’s PT been going? I haven't been able to go see her in a few days, I’ve been working overtime non-stop.

Teri: You had time to watch The Masked Singer.

Velma: I fell behind on it when it was airing, I’m catching up now. I can’t believe they got one of the Sister, Sister girls to dress as a seashell.

Ralph: Spoiler alert!

Teri: Ralph, that episode aired almost two months ago. And you watched it. You watched it with me.

Ralph: I just like messing with her.

Steven: Mom, can we go see grandma tonight?

Tammi: After school? I think that’ll work as long as it’s okay with your father.

Teri: Is Frank still working at school in the middle of June?

Tammi: Yes! He’s doing computer repair.

Teri: For who? The ghost of little Millie Warner who drowned in the fountain?

Steven: Someone drowned in the fountain at school?

Teri: Yes, Steven!

Tammi: It’s an old legend, it’s not true.

Teri: I saw her with my own two eyes. One minute I’m running to Mrs. VanEtchen’s English class and the next I’m staring down a pale, translucent girl who looked completely drenched.

Ralph: That was just your friend Molly.

Teri: That was not Molly, and Molly was not my friend.

Ralph: She was.

Jerry: Sorry to interrupt whatever this is but I have awesome news!

Teri: The Ghost Adventures guys are going to Lakey Middle?

Jerry: Cindy is being discharged tomorrow!

Betty: She is?

Danielle: My god, Betty! Where’d you come from?

Betty: I was upstairs, I ran down when I heard the news! My girl’s coming home!

Tammi: Why is she coming home tomorrow? Why not tonight? I just want my mom home.

Jerry: They want to do some observations for one last night just to make sure she’s completely ready. They say she’s healing at a remarkable speed so this is earlier than they'd usually discharge someone who suffered the injuries she did. They need to make sure she’s actually as healthy as she seems.

Tammi: I’ll definitely accept waiting one more night instead of one more week.

Steven: Can we still go visit her tonight?

Tammi: Uh… sure.

Mitchell: I don’t mean to interrupt the celebration, but don’t you guys have jobs to get to?

Teri: Mitchell, I don't think this is a discussion you want to have.

Mitchell: I have a job!

Teri: Doing repairs that’ll take a week at the HOA building is not a job. 

Mitchell: I’m getting paid for it.

Teri: In a week, it’ll be over.

Mitchell: Not if I drag it out.

Velma: Mitchell, cut it out. You don’t have a job. Keep up the search.

Mitchell: You people are so mean to me.

Tammi: Imagine being my poor husband. He gets it nonstop from everyone in this family

Teri: And I love it!

The next day…

Jerry: She’s home, everyone!

Cindy: It’s no big deal, it’s just little ole’ me.

Betty: It’s been three weeks since you’ve been home, this is a big deal!

Tammi: Mom, do you need any help?

Cindy: No, my walker is doing a fine job helping me around. No one worry about me.

Tammi: Do you want to watch something? Or do you want your phone?

Cindy: No one needs to treat me like a child. I’m not a child.

Tammi Of course not.

Cindy: Speaking of children… it’s eight in the morning on a Saturday. What the heck is Mitchell doing up?

Mitchell: I’m up especially for you!

Cindy: You showed up late to court once. When you were the defendant. I’m honored that I’m more important to you than striking a thousand dollar fee from the record.

Velma: We don’t talk about that.

Mitchell: She still won’t let me live it down. I was up late watching George Lopez and I slept in. Not my fault!

Velma: Your fault!

Cindy: Where is my son-in-law? Is he the only one who didn't bother to get up for me?

Frank: I’m right here!

Teri: So he is alive! I owe ya ten bucks, Danielle.

Cindy: I’m told that you were in charge of getting my car fixed, Frank. How’s that going? I didn’t see it in the driveway.

Frank: Oh, no. I forgot to go pick it up!

Teri: Of course you did.

Tammi: How long has it been ready?

Frank: Uh, your mom’s been in the hospital since the end of May so… the third of June.

Tammi: Two weeks? They probably had it towed.

Teri: This is why you don’t marry idiots!

Velma: Hear, hear!

Mitchell: I think I want a divorce.

Velma: No you don’t.

Mitchell: Yeah, I don’t. Fun to joke about though.

Frank: I’m gonna go get the car, okay?

Teri: From the impound lot?

Frank: No, from the repair shop.

Teri: Good luck with that.

Frank leaves.

Tammi: He’s definitely going to the impound lot. No doubt about it.

Ralph: So, Cindy. You’re home now. Clearly the hospital thinks you’re healthy enough. When ya making dinner?

Cindy: Well, it’s nine in the morning, so, never.

Ralph: That’s the humor I missed! Really, though, I’ve been doing most of your house work, when do you think you’re getting back to it?

Cindy: Refer to my last answer.

Ralph: You have one week.

Betty: It’s so nice to have the family back together again. There was a missing piece the last month, it wasn't right without you, Cindy.

Teri: I especially love it when that "family" doesn't involve Frank.

Cindy: My son still isn’t here.

Teri: We’re used to that.

Velma: Did he even come with us to Cancun?

Betty: I don’t remember.

Cindy: I’d be angry but I also don’t remember.

Betty: We should have a party to celebrate Cindy being home! I’ll invite the H-

Cindy: Don’t even say “the HOA ladies.”

Betty: Okay, no party.

Cindy: It’s nice enough to just be home with all of you.

Velma: Well, all of us but Mitchell.

Cindy: No, it’s nice to be with him, too. Even if he never came to see me in the hospital once I woke up!

Mitchell: I’m seeing you now.

Cindy: If I could get up, I would hit you.

Teri: Ain't family magical?

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