Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 11: Plans On Hold

Lorenzo: This isn’t good.
Reagan: Huh?
Lorenzo: Oh. I figured you got the news given we’re all talking on a video call.
Reagan: I was somewhat expecting you to follow that up with you ran out of cotton candy and forgot how to order more.
Lorenzo: I make my own cotton candy. I’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s actually no cotton in it. Learned that the hard way when I taste tested my first recipe.
Lincoln: You actually thought there was cotton in cotton candy?
Lorenzo: Why wouldn’t there be?
Lincoln: That’s worrisome.
Chase: Are we gonna talk about how I’m gonna save Lorenzo’s Kitchen or not?
Lorenzo: Right. So as you may know, the baseball season is delayed because of the virus, and Lorenzo’s Kitchen had to shut down for at least the rest of the month.
Madison: Why are you even there?
Lorenzo: I was going to fix this place up for baseball season. Put up some memorabilia and whatnot.
Sam: That’s actually a good idea.
Lorenzo: But is there even any point if we don’t know when exactly the baseball season will begin?
Sam: No reason why not.
Lorenzo: Maybe I should rebrand for hockey season? Or basketball?
Lincoln: No point in doing that, they’re also on hiatus.
Chase: I have an idea. You should put up memorabilia.
Lorenzo: I already said that.
Chase: Oh. I wasn’t listening.
Lorenzo: I should probably let you guys all do your own things now. Study for the bar exam like Adam is.
Lincoln: How do you know Adam is studying for the bar exam? And I also just realized he’s not on this call.
Lorenzo: Why wouldn’t he be studying for it? He went to school to pass it.
Madison: Yeah and about that...I don’t even know if we can come back to Lorenzo’s Kitchen after we graduate.
Lorenzo: What do you mean?
Madison: I would assume we all go our separate ways.
Lorenzo: Yeah, I should’ve seen this coming. Well, at least I’ll get some new customers once this virus goes away and baseball season begins.
Sam: You sure about that?
Lorenzo: Not at all.
*Adam joins the video call*
Adam: Hey guys, sorry I’m late.
Reagan: Madison was talking about how we’re not sure if we’d be able to come back to Lorenzo’s Kitchen over the summer. I don’t think she realizes this discussion has already happened.
Adam: I’ll be back. I’ve been preparing really well for surviving the virus.
Lorenzo: Let’s not worry about the virus everyone. Hopefully it’ll pass and Lorenzo’s Kitchen will be back open for business soon.
Sam: On the other hand, the bar exam could get delayed.
Lincoln: That would certainly provide an interesting situation.
Lorenzo: Do any of you even want to take the bar exam?
All: Nope.

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