TVRGO March News Day (UPDATED)

UPDATE: This post has been updated to reflect changes in scheduling for some shows due to Major League Baseball’s compliance with the coronavirus pandemic. That’s right, it’s not just regular TV shows that are being affected.

Another month means another news day for TVRGO. Here are some updates on our TVRGO schedule:

The Bullpen
Originally scheduled to premiere on Saturday, April 4, the season 3 premiere of The Bullpen has now been pushed back indefinitely. The season was supposed to be in part a parody of recent baseball events, which can’t be done if baseball is not being played.

We plan on premiering Season 3 of The Bullpen around the time the MLB returns with their regular season. That is speculated to be early June, but could change.

Bar Exam
We hope to be able to bring The Bullpen’s spinoff, Bar Exam, back for a Season 2. This will depend on when the MLB season starts, and if we have scheduling space at that time. The sooner the season starts, the better the prospects are for a Season 2. It will likely be less than the 13 episode Season 1 order, but that shouldn’t be taken as a sign that it gets weak page views. We plan on aligning its schedule with the baseball season since Season 2 is to have more focus on it being baseball season.

Put Me In

Put Me In, our latest baseball series, is now slated to premiere on Saturday, April 4. Put Me In is a comedy that follows Carter Danderson, a brand new relief pitcher for the fictional Philadelphia Pioneers. When the team’s star pitcher is horribly injured, Carter is added to the starting rotation. Carter isn’t used to all of the fame, but he’s glad to be in the spotlight.

An episode order has yet to be determined for the show.

Backdoor Pilot for Working As A Family

Working As A Family’s backdoor pilot will be published on Tuesday, March 17 and double up as Season 2, Episode 20 of Writer’s Block. As previously announced, Working As A Family will premiere in the summer.

Bake Your Heart Out’s first season finale will be on Thursday, March 19. It has already been renewed for a second season to air in the summer.

Finally Back Home will wrap up its first season on Friday, March 13. No decision has been made as to if a second season will happen.

Network will wrap up its third season on Sunday, March 29. It has already been renewed for a fourth season.

Bar Exam will conclude its first season on Friday, March 28. As with Finally Back Home, no decision has been made as to its future.

Our House will return for the remainder of its second season on Thursday, March 26.

Finally Growing Up premieres Friday, March 20. The show is a spinoff of Finally Together. Finally Growing Up will follow the characters of Chris, Drew, and Julian, three brothers who are left on their own after a sudden turn of events and must figure out how to live life without living with their parents.

The Bullpen will begin its third season on Saturday, April 4.

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