Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 10: Bar Exam

Lorenzo: Wow, a lot of people went here today.
Adam: How many? 15?
Lorenzo: No!
Reagan: You gonna say how many?
Lorenzo: It was 14.
Chase: That’s not a lot.
Lorenzo: It is for my standards.
Madison: Didn’t you used to get a lot more people than that?
Lorenzo: You’re right. Guess it’s just been slow lately.
Sam: I’m sure things will pick up once baseball season comes along. Spring training is over before the end of the month and the team will be back here to play some games.
Lorenzo: I hope so. Otherwise this would have to go down as a failure.
Lincoln: Speaking of going down as failures, I’m pretty sure all of us are gonna flunk the bar exam.
Lorenzo: All of you? I thought one of you was smart!
Chase: You thought we were a bunch of smarties, didn’t you? By the way, do you have any of those?
Lincoln: Shut up.
Lorenzo: Actually I do!
Chase: Can I have some?
Lorenzo: Do you promise to not make a pun about it?
Chase: I promise.
Lorenzo: Fine. Anyways, you’re all failing the bar exam?
Madison: We don’t know that yet! But it’s not like any of us have the best of grades anymore.
Lorenzo: I’m sure you’ll do fine. You know, this reminds me of a group of people I know. They all sucked at what they did, but they made it through just fine.
Sam: You’re talking about the bullpen, aren’t you?
Lorenzo: How’d you know?
Sam: Everyone knows you guys were terrible.
Lorenzo: Oh.
Reagan: Whatever, I’m scared I won’t pass.
Lorenzo: Then pass!
Reagan: It’s not that easy at all.
Lorenzo: Then don’t pass, I don’t know what to say.
Sam: I’m so stressed about it. I have no clue what I’ll do if I fail.
Adam: I’m already planning on studying for the next one.
Chase: If I fail then I’m done with law school.
Lincoln: What are you gonna do instead?
Chase: I don’t know, I’m deciding between accounting, engineering, and being an umpire.
Lorenzo: Don’t be an umpire unless you want someone screaming at you all the time. Although, as a player it can be really fun to yell at them over missed calls.
Reagan: Didn’t they have you argue bad calls when they weren’t in the game so someone valuable didn’t get tossed?
Lorenzo: That’s right, and it’s something I’m proud of.
Adam: You probably shouldn’t be.
Lorenzo: Also the restaurant closed an hour ago, you do know that right?
Madison: Not at all.
Lincoln: Yeah we should get going then, the bar exam won’t study for itself.
Sam: Not like it’ll even matter to how we do on it, but we can try.
Lorenzo: See you all next week?
Chase: Of course!
Lorenzo: Good because this place needs a huge makeover.

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