Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 12: Aftermath

Adam: Why are we here again?
Reagan: Lorenzo apparently forgot to lock the doors when he went home.
Sam: I feel bad for him. He needs the restaurant to have steady customers and everyone’s at home.
Chase: Did he even tell us this place was closed?
Madison: He didn’t tell me, I know that much.
Lincoln: Who wants to go behind the bar and whip something up?
Sam: I see some champagne. I’ll pour some of that and send some money over to Lorenzo from all of us.
Reagan: How do you all think you did on the bar exam?
Chase: Terrible.
Lincoln: I felt good on a couple questions. Bad on the rest.
Madison: I thought I did good, which probably means I did awful.
Adam: That makes no sense.
Madison: I thought I did good on all the practice tests and never passed.
Adam: In that case—
Madison: I know, I failed.
Adam: I think I missed a bubble on the sheet so that probably worked out in my favor.
Lincoln: Doubt it.
Adam: Yeah who am I kidding?
Reagan: I felt like I did bad too, but I’ll just retake it another time.
Sam: I’m gonna do the same.
Chase: Did you all notice how much this place is baseball-themed now?
Reagan: Yeah.
Chase: I hope this place actually gets to open in the baseball season.
Lincoln: I don’t think it will be.
Madison: Don’t say that!
Adam: Are we even gonna be able to come back here?
Chase: Not if it’s not open.
Madison: I can’t imagine how Lorenzo would feel if the place can’t open.
Lorenzo (walking to the bar): Hey guys! Hold up, you’re supposed to all be 8 inches apart.
Sam: It’s 6 week.
Lorenzo: 6 feet?
Madison: You haven’t been social distancing, have you?
Lorenzo: Thought I was, guess I wasn’t.
Adam: Where were you?
Lorenzo: I was in the bathroom for a while. Opened up a bottle of champagne and it did not agree with me at all.
Reagan: OK guess I’m not drinking any of that anymore.
Lorenzo: So thanks for coming guys but the restaurant is closing indefinitely now.
Sam: What do you mean? You’re going to reopen, right?
Lorenzo: I’m not sure. Tell you what: everyone come back here next week. We’ll all stand far apart from one another. I’ll buy a megaphone.
Adam: I wouldn’t do that with anyone else.
Lorenzo: When do the bar exam results come out?
Chase: In a few days. They’re grading really quickly this time around so they can all do their home quarantines.
Lincoln: What happens if you can’t reopen the restaurant, Lorenzo?
Lorenzo: You don’t even know how much I got paid to sit on a bench.

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