Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 13: Pass or Fail (FINALE)

Setting: All are in Lorenzo’s Kitchen, standing six feet apart from one another. They all raise their voices so they can hear one another.
Lorenzo: How’d you all do?
Adam: Good, how are you?
Lorenzo: I mean on the bar exam.
Adam: I don’t know how, but I passed.
Reagan: Me too!
Madison: Same! I really thought I didn’t do well at all.
Chase: I also passed.
Adam: You did?
Chase: Yeah.
Sam: Did you check twice?
Chase: How stupid do you think I am? I actually got close to a perfect score!
Sam: Wow! I barely passed myself.
Lincoln: I haven’t checked yet.
Lorenzo: What are you waiting for?
Lincoln: I don’t even want to see the results.
Lorenzo: Well let me comfort you a little bit. I know this guy who had a really stressful job. The big tasks were often given to people other than him, but every now and then he was faced with an unexpected challenge. Sure, he didn’t want to see the results of his work, but he usually had to.
Lincoln: Usually?
Lorenzo: Yeah. Sometimes he closed his eyes and hoped for the best. Those were usually the baseballs that went straight.
Madison: How did I know this was going to be about you?
Sam: And did you just admit you only throw good pitches if you keep your eyes closed?
Lorenzo: Yes I did.
Lincoln: You convinced me to check. And...I passed!
Lorenzo: Seriously?
Lincoln: Yes!
Lorenzo: Are you all playing a joke on me? I thought you were all supposed to fail!
Reagan: We did too! Guess we’re done with law school!
Lorenzo: Congratulations! Will you still come to Lorenzo’s Kitchen once you get jobs?
Madison: Is Lorenzo’s Kitchen even going to be open?
Lorenzo: We might have to improvise.
Chase: What’s that supposed to mean?
Lorenzo: If baseball comes back, so do we.
Chase: If Lorenzo’s Kitchen comes back, so do we.
Reagan: Did we decide on that?
Chase: We decided on opening up a law firm together around here, so why not?
Lorenzo: When did you decide that?
Chase: We have a group chat going.
Lorenzo: I’m happy to see you’ll all stay around!
Madison: We’re all staying around, but that doesn’t mean you are.
Lorenzo: I know, business is slow right now. But it’ll bounce back.
Adam: What if it doesn’t?
Lorenzo: Then maybe I’ll be able to go back to the bullpen.
Madison: Doubt it. And if not there, then what?
Lorenzo: Guess it’s time for plan C.
Lincoln: What’s plan C?
Lorenzo: I have no clue.
Reagan: That’s not promising.
Sam: We might need a receptionist.
Lorenzo: How the mighty have fallen.
Adam: I wouldn’t say mighty...
Lorenzo: Whatever. I’ll figure it out.

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