Sunday TV Ratings 12/20/20: Garth and Trisha Live! Disappoints while A Home for the Holidays Bombs, The Sound of Music Steady with 2019, NFL Drops (UPDATED)

Preliminary Analysis: NBC remained the dominant force on a night packed with encores, topping the evening with 'Football Night in America' (1.0/2.8) and the 'Browns v. Giants' NFL game (3.4). CBS's 'NFL Overrun' (4.4) slightly edged out the peacock network but they quickly plummeted from there. While '60 Minutes' (1.4) improved a good bit from last week, there was little interest for a 'Garth & Trisha' special (0.5) and even less for 'A Home for the Holidays' (0.2). On ABC, the annual broadcast of 'The Sound of Music' (0.6) matched what it garnered last year and outperformed the game show originals from last week (0.5/0.3/0.3). Fox had an NFL-inflated 'Simpsons' repeat (1.0) and a 'Bob's Burgers' encore (0.5) in the 7pm hour but went incredibly low with a pair of 'Moody' repeats (0.3/0.2) at 8. 'Bob's' (0.3) and 'Family Guy' (0.3) picked up the slack a bit at 9. The CW had a Christmas-themed 'Masters of Illusion' repeat (0.1) and an original edition of 'The Outpost' (0.1). The latter gained a precious tenth when compared to last week's putrid performance.

Finals Update: CBS's 'NFL Overrun' (5.6, +1.1), '60 Minutes' (1.6, +0.2), 'Garth & Trisha Live' (0.6, +0.1), and 'A Home for the Holidays' (0.3, +0.1) all adjusted up. On Fox, the 'Simpsons' repeat (1.1, +0.1) adjusted up while the 7:30pm 'Bob's Burgers' repeat (0.4, -0.1) adjusted down. NBC's 'Football Night in America' (0.3, -0.7; 1.8, -1.0) adjusted down while the 'Browns v. Giants' NFL game (4.3, +0.9) adjusted up.



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7 PMNFL Overrun5.6/3522.94CBS

The Simpsons (R)1.1/84.50Fox

The Sound of Music0.6/44.25ABC

Football Night in America0.3/21.77NBC
7:30 PMBob's Burgers (R)0.4/31.38Fox
8 PMFootball Night in America1.8/106.92NBC

60 Minutes1.6/911.59CBS

The Moodys (R)0.3/21.02Fox

Masters of Illusion Christmas Magic (R)0.1/10.56The CW
8:30 PMNFL: Browns v. Giants4.3/2415.61NBC

The Moodys (R)0.2/10.78Fox
9 PMGarth & Trisha: Holiday Concert Event0.6/45.82CBS

Bob's Burgers (R)0.3/20.81Fox

The Outpost0.1/00.32The CW
9:30 PMFamily Guy (R)0.3/20.94Fox
10 PM22nd Annual A Home for the Holidays0.3/22.93CBS
(R) = repeat

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