Off Topic -- December 2020 (Facing the Music)

2020 has tested the patience of the world, and tested how loyal several are/were to their scripted shows.  Rather than lament on the events which changed things as we knew them, December is TVRG's gifting of music.  It does not have to be Christmas based (though it is welcome).  But rather, the folks in this thread are encouraged to give the gift of music to their fellow community.  Upload a video in the comments, and TVRG will be keeping track in the body of the thread.  We shall track and declare the following winners in December for the following honors:

Video Voyager -- Most Videos Uploaded

Upload Magnet -- The Community Member Who's Video Collects the Most Upvotes

International Ingenue -- Overseas/Foreign Video Which Collects The Most Upvotes

Classic Crooner -- Most Video Upvotes on a Classic Song (1995 or earlier)

Day by day, we will be listing the videos uploaded and list them below.  Scroll down into the comments, check them out and perhaps pick up a few music gifts you enjoy and add to your collections:

12/1 (November Thread)


Linda Ronstadt - Someone to Lay Down Beside Me

Stu Larsen - The Loudest Voice


Josh Turner - Hometown Girl

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