UnREAL S3E2 Review

Welcome to another week of UnREAL, and episode 2 is in our midst. Whoa folks, I think it's time to get to the episode. We are continuing to sell true love, people!

3x02 - "Shield"
The episode starts with mansplaining Chet and a poker game in the first 15 minutes. But first, an important quote: "Sex is a lie...if you waver even once, you're not ready to take the next step in your conviction."

Rachel's self-help quotes continue, and then we flash forward into the poker game of a lifetime. Chet mansplains, like I said, and it seems like Rachel and Quinn are super done with him. Rachel is not liking how everything is turning on Everlasting. Quinn and Rachel argue ("If this is what you want, you can just produce it yourself.")

Then a karaoke contest goes wrong, and catfights ensue with the men. Quinn then commands a producer to get a camera on the moment when one of the guys lifts Serena off of her feet. Quinn then manages to celebrate, to network executive Gary's dismay.

Quinn and Rachel have a second argument, and to Rachel's dismay, was sent out of Quinn's house. This is going to be rough, folks!

During the elimination ceremony, Billy gets picked as the last guy to move on to the next week, and to his dismay, Serena tells him, "Don't get your hopes up." You go, girl!

During the last few minutes, Rachel is with an Australian contestant laying next to him in the hammock, then Quinn catches him alone. The last scene gets a little too hot for television -- self sabotage.

Grade: 8.5/10
I was a little underwhelmed with this episode. Honestly, I did not expect two arguments to come out of Quinn and Rachel. I'm starting to like Serena a little more now after she throws shade at the last guy standing. And, oh the mansplaining. Plus it seems like the Australian dude will be this season's Adam/Coleman with a twist. I hope next episode is a little better.

And this concludes tonight's episode of UnREAL. What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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