Speechless Season 2 Finale Review

Speechless's shorter, eighteen episode second season has come to an end. In this finale, J.J. has been nominated for an award. However, not everything is quite as good, as last week the DiMeos' landlord discovered that the family has a dog, which is against their lease. Also, Ray is continuing to try to get Taylor back.


J.J. is excited when he has been nominated for an award at a film festival. However, it turns out that they knew about his disability, and that's why he got nominated. J.J. is annoyed by this, and discovers that Maya informed the festival about his disability. It seems odd that Maya wouldn't realize how important it would be to J.J. to get recognized because of his film, not because of his disability. There ends up being a sudden sweet ending though, when another festival gave J.J. the award, and didn't know that he was disabled.

Jimmy is trying to get a loan so that they can buy their house, but he doesn't want to tell the kids that they have until Friday, or they will get evicted. However, this ends up meaning that he has to make up a lie to Dylan, so he comes up with a lie about a wolf. He ends up having to tell her though, and she is disappointed that he felt that he couldn't tell her. The two then share a sweet moment, as they admit things to each other. This reminded me of another sweet, honest moment between the father and daughter in the first season finale.

Taylor has discovered that she loves watching basketball, and when Ray finds out about this, he decides to play the sport, despite the fact that he is terrible at sports. He turns out to have a talent for getting people on the other team fouls. He intends to use this to win Taylor back, but in a surreal scene, he realizes that he isn't being himself, and that he spent the entire time that he had Taylor worrying that he was going to lose her. It seems that Taylor is probably not going to be a part of the show going forward, and while I was initially against the idea when they broke up, this story did make a good point.

At the end of the episode, the family has been evicted, and all of their things are on the lawn. It seems that the show was preparing for the chance that they would be canceled, as the season ended with the main characters all together, and it highlighted their philosophy, that they will deal with what to do tomorrow when they get there. In addition to this, the ending of J.J's story included a nice callback to the pilot, where they have to use the garbage ramp.

I struggled with the idea that Maya would not realize the importance of J.J. getting recognition for his work solely because of its quality, and I felt that the conclusion where J.J. discovered that one festival nominated him because of his work came very suddenly. Otherwise, I really enjoyed the episode, and it was a really good season finale.

Score: 8.5/10

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