Here and Now Season Two Will Feature ’110% More Dragons and Bill Maher’

Here and Now, the new ratings-challenged HBO series from Six Feet Under's Alan Ball, will be returning for a second season, but it will look significantly different. The family drama will see multiple changes in season two, with Bill Maher, host of HBO's political comedy Real Time, joining the cast for the second season. Another new addition to the series will be dragons, borrowed from fellow HBO series Game of Thrones. Both of these additions are attempts at boosting sagging ratings, by incorporating elements from two of HBO's biggest series. Stars Holly Hunter and Tim Robbins are both set to return, though Hunter reportedly is dismayed with the new additions due to a "no dragons" clause in her contract.

What do you think of this fake news? Are you excited for a season of Here and Now that's full of dragons and Bill Maher? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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