The Goldbergs Season 5 Episode 17 Review

This week on the Goldbergs, the JTP and the Frentas get in a turf war, while Adam and Murray spend an evening at the theatre, with some opposing views on their experience.

Adam wants to be a part of a play, but Murray isn't going to let him because of rehearsal. Meanwhile, Barry and the JTP interrupt Beverly's Sunday Funday with her friends, the Frentas, and Beverly is angry. When she wants the backyard for brunch, Barry manipulates Beverly into letting them keep it. Her friends tell her this, and she's even angrier than before. Back to Adam, he's incredibly jealous of the rest of his class, since they're all a part of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. But at least Coach Mellor is his substitute teacher! Coach does give him idea to get Murray to fall in love with Joseph, which is something. Elsewhere, Bev reclaims the yard, and Barry tries to get it back. He is unsuccessful, but he does get an idea to get into a turf war with the Frentas.

Adam begins work on his plan. At first, Adam makes Murray incredibly happy, because he think he's finally loving sports. And Adam can't bear to tell him the truth. So Coach gets him hockey tickets, which he's grateful for. Meanwhile, Barry begins his turf war with the Frentas, and loses almost instantly. At the hockey game, Adam genuinely loves it, and finally, at long last, he makes his father proud. Murray even gives him a hug! Adam wants Murray to go to Joseph with him, and Murray agrees. It's a shocking display of Murray showing his kids love! Back to Barry, he's forming a plan to destroy the Frentas. But that's happening on its own, when the Frentas all start insulting each other's kids. The JTP didn't need to do anything at all, not that Barry could have. He's kinda an idiot. But we love him for that!

It's time for Murray to fall for Joseph, but he's more focused on eating and sleeping and being uncomfortable in the seats. He never wants to go again, and he and Adam get into a fight over it. But he does help Adam by getting Ms. Cinoman the change the school musical to Joseph, which is very sweet of him. Meanwhile, Beverly and her Frentas make up.

I really loved one of the stories in this episode, while the other was pretty mediocre. Surprisingly, the story I loved was not the one that involved Beverly, but rather the one with Adam and Murray. I think it was a really important for the show to have a storyline that focused on their relationship, and it was done very well. It showed Murray's softer side, all while delivering some hearty laughs in the process.  The story showed that while the Bevolution is getting the focus this year, Murray is also evolving as a  parent and a character. I'm also really happy about Ana Gasteyer's return to the show, since she's always a welcome presence. The other storyline was much less successful, as I didn't really care that much about it. The parts with the JTP were actually kinda boring, and I only really enjoyed the parts with the Frentas. They're characters that I'd love to continue seeing more of, as I think they're essential to the success of the Bevolution. Their return here wasn't as successful as the amazing Goldberg Girls episode, but I'm still glad to see them. Linda was definitely the character I most loved to see return, as any Mindy Sterling appearance on my TV is much-appreciated. (Seriously, she's amazing and so under-appreciated.)

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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