Predict the Premiere Ratings of Roseanne and Splitting Up Together

Tonight is a big night for ABC, as the highly-anticipated revival of Roseanne makes its way to the network tonight. Also premiering tonight is the new comedy Splitting Up Together, starring Jenna Fisher from The Office. Let's predict the ratings that those big premieres will get, shall we?

Roseanne, Tuesday at 8 PM on ABC:
One of the many reboots this season, Roseanne returns to ABC after over 20 years off the air. The show's entire original main cast is returning, with Roseanne Barr starring. The show will air a special hourlong, two-episode premiere tonight, and will air one episode weekly starting next week.

Splitting Up Together, Tuesday at 9:30 PM on ABC:
One of the last in-season newbies to premiere, Splitting Up Together is getting stuck in a pretty rough timeslot. The 9:30 slot has long been a troubled slot for ABC, with the last three sitcoms to air there all getting canned after just one season in the spot. And with a mediocre lead-in, this one's prognosis doesn't look much better.

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